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Wisconsin vs Indiana Live Score: Live Blog

Wisconsin vs Indiana Live Score
Badgers Score 31 - Indiana Score 28

Badgers Live Game Blog

Badgers 1st Drive
Gilreath has trouble with the kick off.
Touchback and the ball starts on the 20.
Clay for 5 on first down.
Clay for only 1 on first down.
Tolzien incomplete pass on third down.

Indiana 1st Drive
First down pass to the receiver Chappell for 10 yards.
Willis on the carry for 3.
Willis again takes the ball for 6.
Willis one more time and Boreland stops Indiana on third and 1 as he makes a big tackle in the backfield.
Punt coming, Gilreath muffs the punt as he was looking into the sun. Indiana recovers the ball at the 7.

Indiana 2nd Drive
Starting at the 7, touchdown pass beats two Wisconsin defenders on second down.

Badgers Score 0 - Indiana Score 7

Badgers 2nd drive
Anderson back to receive this time on the kickoff.
Boreland ends up returning it, he can't do much and is down at the 25.
Huge hole up the middle, Clay hurdles the linebacker and he is off to the races. He gets 47 as the pursuit catches him finally from behind. Clay showed a nice burst. Excellent excelleration after the hurdle.
Clay for a couple on first down for 4.
Clay for 4 on second down as he trips, otherwise that would have been major damage.
Ball at the 20. Clay again on third down does just enough for the first down.
Tolzien rolls right and finds Anderson all alone in the end zone.
Nice looking play as the tight end looks like the featured target in the flat and draws a ton of attention.

Badgers Score 7 - Indiana Score 7

Indiana 3rd Drive
Kickoff coverage smothers the returner at the 22.
First down run for 0.
QB all day on second down and he finds a target for a 7 yard gain.
Great play by Boreland on third down. Receiver gets it in the flat and has all sorts of room to run but Boreland closes fast.
On the punt Moore returns the punt, makes a great move but penalty coming on illegal block in the back negates a nice return.

Badgers 3rd Drive
Badgers inside their 20 to start after the penalty.
Swing pass to Toon gets 9, he picks up great blocking from Anderson to spring him.
Pass over the middle to Clay for 10. That one should keep Indiana thinking.
Clay finds the seam for 7. He is going to take a breither though after two straight action plays.
Clay could be hurt, he is being looked at on the sidelines.
Ball for a couple on second down.
Ball sneaks through for the first down.
Ball at the 50.
Rush gets to Tolzien as he lets it go and it comes up well short of an open receiver.
Need to get Clay back in there.
Tolzien on the keeper and takes a couple of big hits.
Ball doesn't block for Tolzien or that could have been better.
Toon down to the 25 for the first down. 19 yards on that one. A better pass gets a few more yards.
Ball finds a big hole for 8.
Tolzien almost an incredible catch by Graham in the end zone, great play by him just to break up the pick as Tolzien threw over him.
Ball carries for the first down, on a gain of three.
Huge hole for Brown but he gets tripped up. Ball on the 6.
Clay has his helmet back on.
Brown sweeps left and gets nothing.

Second Quarter
Ball keeps the feet moving and picks up the first down.
Tolzien incomplete to Graham, ball was tipped.
Ball on the 1.5.
Tolzien falls down on second down. Clay was back in and was going to get the ball.
Kendricks for a touchdown but check the flag. Going against Wisconsin on pass interference on Anderson.
Badgers now on the 20 on third and goal.
Anderson down to the 10, and that penalty was very costly.
Field goal coming is good by Welch.
(nice looking drive stalls after Tolzien is stepped on and then the penalty, 18 play drive only gets 3)

Badgers Score 10 - Indiana 7

Indiana 4th Drive
Kickoff to the goal line and he finds room. Penalty at the end of the run on Gilbert for blowing up the returner out of bounds. That was a touchy call.
Indiana going to have excellent field position.
Indiana tries an option pass that doesn't fool the Badgers.
Ball at the 43. Wide open on second down for just short of the first down.
Run picks up the first down, gain of 2.
All day to throw and a great pick off by Maragos. Great catch and break on the ball.

Badgers 4th Drive
Clay doesn't hit the hole hard and only gets 3.
Clay with some fancy footwork for another 3, and he isn't finding the hole on this drive.
Toon is wide open for the first down as the cb stumbles and falls.
Toon all day to Anderson for the first down 15 more yards.
Ball on the 27. A patient Clay gets 4 or 5.
Clay spins for 5 and comes up just short of the first down. Big Oglesby is hurt on the play clutching at what looks like his knee.
Clay cuts finds the hole and picks up 8 and he just misses a touchdown on the shoe string tackle.
Clay powers into a linebacker at the 4 but doesn't win the battle, call that one a draw but that guy is going to think twice probably in the future at standing his ground like that.
Clay down to the 1 on second down.
Ball picks up the touchdown, and he didn't need to be even touched. Ball almost ran to contact on that one.
(time of possesion for the Badgers has to be at almost 3 or 4 to 1.Badgers have 147 rushing yards and Indiana has 4)

Wisconsin Score 17 - Indiana 7

Indiana 5th Drive
Sun most be pretty brutal because Indiana muffs the kickoff, gets it back takes it to the 17 and a block in the back puts it on the 7.
Ugly first down for the Badger defense and Indiana throws for a 9 yard gain.
Boreland blows up the tailback in the backfield. He rung that guys bell hard.
Pass rush finally gets to the QB and the ball is thrown high.
Punt coming rolls to the 50.

Badgers 5th Drive
About 4 minutes to go and the Badgers will start on the 50.
Tolzien on the roll out throws to a wide open Graham and he just drops it, would have been a big gain.
Tolzien complete to Kendricks for 7.
Dropped by Anderson and that would have been a first down. Anderson tried to catch it against his body.
Punt coming, and the Badgers tried to draw Indiana off sides with Nortan going up under center.
Punt is nice and high but falls just into the end zone on the fly, missed a great punt by 2 yards.

Indiana 6th Drive
To much time to pass and a big 32 yard pass and Brinkley got burned. If anything else this is college and Brinkley should have just blown him up and taken the penalty.
1 yard run on first down.
Brinkley gets abused again on the same pass for a touchdown. Brinkley with poor skills locating the ball, he was in position but pulled up to early and tried to jump, again where he was at he should have at least run through the receiver and broke it up or interfered. It looked like maybe Brinkley was playing the pick to much.

Wisconsin Score 17 - Indiana 14

Badgers 6th Drive
Boreland takes the short kick, gets outside and takes it to the 50.
Ball is tipped on first down, and that was almost picked.
Badgers finally goes back to Clay and he picks up 13 yards and a first down.
Clay hits the hole and the linebacker for 9 yards.
Gilreath on the end around picks up the first down, 7 yard gainer.
Ball at the 20, Tolzien on the keeper gets 5 and steps out of bounds with 1 minute left.
Clay finds the hole all the way to the endzone, Touchdown Clay. 13 yard run. Clay is at 134 yards on the ground, Indiana is at 1 yard of rushing offense.
(Badgers used the running game to try and take some time off the clock before scoring but Indiana gives Clay big holes and he makes use of them.)

Badgers Score 24 - Indiana 14

Indiana 7th Drive
Deep kickoff is downed in the end zone.
Complete 7 yard pass on first down, clock running at 50 seconds.
Quick pass and out of bounds, working on Brinkley now.
Schofield gets home on the sack. Finally got a pass rush and the Badgers needed that.
Time out Indiana.
Run play gets 5, Boreland on the stop. That was Indiana's best run play of the day.
Indiana going to let the time run out now. They get the ball back to start the half, they just didn't feel comfortable with giving up a big play to the Badger defense.

End of the Half

Quick thoughts at the half: The Badgers forced their way on Indiana on offense and only stopped themselves otherwise thay have at least 10 more points. Two costly mistakes when they had the ball at the 1 yard line and two big dropped passes on another drive. Clay is getting holes and then blowing up linebackers or just jumping over the bodies, he has 134 yards. Over 300 yards of Badgers offense in the first half as Tolzien has been playing well. On defense the Badgers run defense is incredible led by the active Boreland. The pass rush hasn't been good and Niles Brinkley got abused on a couple of long throws. Brinkley you could make a case did a good job of trying to make a play on the football, but he should have been just trying to knock it down in both cases. Indiana still has some life when they shouldn't.

Second Half

Indiana 1st Drive
Kick returner finds a hole in the middle and gets to the 27.
Indiana running on first down and gets 3.
Dump off pass gets a first down and 9 yards.
Indiana running back hurt on the play.
All day to throw and a first down pass over the middle.
To much time to throw, the Badgers might need to ry a blitz soon.
5 yard gain on the first down run.
Indiana on the move at the 37, blitz was coming and the hoosiers jumped off sides.
Hole in the middle and the runner gets 5.
3rd and 5 coming, Badgers bring the blitz, almost gets there but is complete but just short of the first down.
Indiana going for it on fourth and gets it.
Heavy rush forces an incomplete pass, Boreland was coming joined by McFadden.
To much time to pass and Indiana gets 9 plus a roughing the passer penalty makes it half the distance to the goal.
Illegal snap on the Hoosiers, 5 yard penalty. Heavy rush gets home, the Indiana QB tries to throw it away to the middle of the field? and Boreland playing center field picks it off. Boreland the playmaker again. That is a huge change of momentum as Indiana was shredding Wisconsin to start the half. The other notable on that play is the pass rush got home without the blitz for one of the first times all day. Schofield brought the pressure.

Badgers 1st Drive
Clay time coming at the five, Ball in though and gets a few.
Ball the back now, Ball takes it for a first down up the middle.
Ball for a couple on first down.
Ball dives through the seam for 5.
Ball out now and Brown in.
Tolzien rolls right finds Toon short for a first down, Toon gets YAC as well.
Badgers still only at the 30.
Brown just misses busting a touchdown going through the hole gets tripped up, where is Clay he would have had 6 likely on that one.
Brown indesisive and gets none.
3rd and 3 coming, Tolzien rolling right and he throws it to soft and it is almost picked by the underneath guy. Tolzien maybe should have pulled that one down and run for it.
Punt nearly blocked. Badgers had good coverage down field and the returner alludes them for a 20 yard return.
(Where was Clay on that drive, because he would have eaten huge yardage with some of those holes)

Indiana 2nd Drive
Ball on the 37, first down pass complete to the 50 as the pass rushers got close but fell down on the rush.
Run play on first down gets nothing as Schofield trips him up.
Wildcat play here, doesn't fool the Badgers but a poor angle lets the runner loose. A block in the back also helped spring the return.
2nd and 20 coming, No pass rush and the pass complete for 6. Took a while to take the receiver down, actually was torn down hard by his jersey.
Third down and they go deep, to deep though for the Hoosier wide out.
Boreland misses the punt block and the ball rolls down at the 20.

Badgers 2nd Drive
Lets see if Clay is hurt or if he starts this drive.
Ball on a nice play up the middle for 11, nice running there.
Ball nice cut to hit the hole gets 5, a little slow on the cut though or that would have been more.
Clay has his helmet off.
Ball runs counter, didn't work only gets 1.
3rd and three coming Toon not in, Tolzien looks at Kendricks to long and the receiver breaks it up. That could have been called for pass interference.
Punt to the 15 and a nice stop down at the 18.

Indiana 3rd Drive
1 and a half minutes left in the third quarter.
Big hole on first down give a 9 yard run.
QB keeper doesn't fool the Badgers no gain.
Over the middle pass should have been picked by Smith but everyone lost where the ball is.
Third down coming, Big catch makes it a first down. Receiver makes a great play on that one.
Pass rush on that one was prety good but not good enough, Schofield on the pressure.

Fourth Quarter
Run play up the middle, slow to develop but picks up 5.
Badgers look confused, and an Indiana drop wipes out would have been a first down.
Big 3rd down here, Boreland time coming?
Pass rush doesn't get there, pass comes up short of the first down and the catch was dropped.
Indiana rolling the dice on fourth down and and they are going for it.
Badgers have to waste a time out.
Huge pass on fourth down and down to the 10 over the middle. Not enough pass rush on that one. 28 yard pick up, and the Hoosiers are in business.
QB flushed on first down, he picks up 1.
All day to throw, he throws short and down at the 5.
Big third and goal coming. Touchdown on the poor coverage at the goal line.
That fourth down pick up was huge for Indiana.

Wisconsin Score 24 - Indiana 21

Wisconsin 3rd Drive
Clay's return is questionable due to the head injury he sustained in the first half.
Badgers could sure use Clay now, as the offense has stalled out without him in the second half.
Anderson deep in the end zone decides to bring it out and gets to the 21.
Pass complete to Ball for a first down.
Tolzien on the designed keeper gets 4.
Ball nice run up the middle for a first down. Indiana defensed the run left and got beat.
Duck complete to a wide open for Toon to the 11. A non duck and that is 6.
Ball stutters and gets 6 on a slow developing run.
Ball doesn't hit the hole hard and only gets 2.
Ball bull dozes for the touchdown, not a pretty run but some week tackling on that one.
(that was a pretty good looking drive that was aided by the busted coverage on Toon)

Wisconsin Score 31 - Indiana 21

Indiana 4th Drive
Kick off coming, need good coverage here. The kick off turns around the returner in the end zone and he downs it.
Big run around right for 7. Badgers lucky they tripped him up from behind.
Huge hole up the middle picks up 6. Boreland trips him up.
Indiana tries the ground again and nothing do this time with the McFadden stop.
Wide open short pass, and a nice open field tackle by Smith leaves Indiana a few yards short.
Third and 1 coming, run play up the middle and not sure where the Badgers were on that one.
On first down, No pass rush and the long pass is very very long.
All day to throw and a first down long completion.
Tons of time to throw and the complete pass down inside the ten.
Five minutes left on the clock.
Pitch takes it inside the five.
Poor run play inside gets no gain.
Clock moving down to four minutes.
Wide open for a touchdown, and a poor pass is incomplete.
Fourth down and they are going for it? what?
And they run right up the middle for a touchdown.
Gutsy...Gutsy call, you don't do that play unless you have nothing to lose.
(Badgers pass rush was non existant on that drive when they needed them most)

Wisconsin Score 31 - Indiana 28

Badgers 4th Drive
Line drive kickoff out of the end zone.
Indiana has all of the momentum now.
Clay still out of the game. Ball for a big first down run.
Need to protect the ball here, and at least one more first down.
Ball nice cut outside but gets only 4.
Clock down to 3 minutes.
Ball hit in the back field and that was a big stop for Indiana.
Indiana time out with 2.5 minutes left.
Badgers almost get a delay of game, but are granted a 30 second time out.
3rd and 9 and the Badgers need this, Open to Toon for a huge first down catch. He does go out so the clock stops.
Indiana brought a big rush and didn't get home. Toon has been huge today.
Ball on a great run for 9, boy he kept his feet moving on that one well.
Indiana calls timeout and that seems like an odd decision with two minutes left and second and 1 coming.
Ball for the first down, and now the clock is the Badgers friend.
Ball for only a few. Indiana uses there final timeout with only 1 and a quarter minutes left.
2nd and 8 coming, Ball slips and gets 0.
Ball forward for 4 and the clock is going to run out here.

Jump Around the Badgers hold on.

Final Score Badgers 31 - Indiana 28

Quick thought: The Badgers were able to ice the game away and the third down pass to Toon was huge. Toon was huge all day as he was able to get seperation from his defenders on big plays. Clay was held out of the second half which did slow the offense down despite Ball playing well. Ball played his best game so far, but he seems just a step slow on the cuts but does a great job of keeping his feet moving. The Badgers pass rush today didn't do its job and let the Hoosier QB have a big game. Once again Boreland was a huge playmaker though on defense and his interception in the red zone was extremely critical. Hopefully Clay is all right to go next week against Michigan as he was running well today, I think everyone in the stadium thought he would have gotten 200 yards on the ground without the injury.


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