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Wisconsin - Northwestern Live Score, Live Blog

Wisconsin - Northwestern
Live Score, Live Blog
Wisconsin 31 - Northwestern 33

Northwestern 1st Drive
Northwestern back to receive and the return goes up the middle to the 25.
Short pass on first down picks up a couple.
Short pass to the left side of the line gets 9 on a broken tackle.
Third down run up the middle for a couple and the first down.
First down pass batted at the line.
Second down pass dropped at the sidelines
Third and long is complete to the sidelines as the receiver got behind the coverage, big gain to the 42.
Complete pass on first down complete for 10 yards against Devin Smith.
Wildcats moving quick.
1st down run right for 5.
Second down touchdown pass burns 1 on 1 coverage, poor defense on that one.
(Not how the Badgers would like to start the day, they had them in third and short and got burned for the long pass, from there Northwestern was rolling. The Wildcats really get to the line quick and get their play off, hopefully the Badgers catch up to the speed of the game.)

Wisconsin Score 0 - Northwestern Score 7

Badgers 1st Drive
Anderson on the return up the middle to the 25.
Tolzien and Clay to go to work.
Badgers fake run and Tolzien passes deep nice ball to Anderson and he just drops it would have been 50 yards plus.
Clay up the middle for 5.
Tolzien all day and he finds Anderson again and this time he pulls it down for the first down.
Ball at the 46.
Clay on first down gets only 2 up the middle, he stuttered but didn't find a hole.
Clay straight ahead on second down and only a couple.
Tolzien doesn't recognize the blitz up the middle and gets sacked.
Punt coming, fair cought at the 15.
(Clay doesn't look very sharp early, his two short runs it looked like he could have found more.)

Northwestern 2nd Drive
Run right up the middle for 3.
Badgers flush the QB, Watt was coming and Badgers stop the QB for a very short gain.
Third down pass goes deep and way to far.
Holding call on Northwestern gets declined, punt coming.

Wisconsin 2nd Drive
Good field position just inside Northwestern territory as Gilreath dives to catch the punt.
Clay misses the whole again and only gets 1, he just doesn't look sharp.
Quick throw to Toon on the sidelines get 6.
Badgers try a reverse and it is to tentative and they loose 5 yards. Gilreath should have cut it inside instead he stuttered and was taken down.
Bad punt goes deep into the endzone.

Northwestern 3rd Drive
Run up the middle picks up 5.
Pass over the middle picks up 30. Nice throw but weak coverage in the middle.
Pass rush gets Kaftka to throw it away on first down.
Running back picks up 11 attacking the middle of the line and that isn't a good sign.
Ball at the 30, first down pass is just barely overthrown or it is a very easy touchdown.
Northwestern checked off with a Badger blitz coming and the runner trips on the carry at the line.
Big third down here, 9 yards to go.
Blitz is late but still gets there, got lucky on that one Maragos gets home and forces an incomplete pass.
46 yard field goal coming, field is just good.
(it would have been good if the blitz would have worked out just a little better and gotten the sack as a few yards likely would have put them out of field goal range)
Wisconsin Score 0 - Northwestern 10

Badgers 3rd Drive
Boreland takes the short kickoff and is just a little to slow making a decision to take it outside.
Northwestern picks up a personal foul penalty and helps Wisconsin out with field position.
Ball at the Badgers 42.
Monte Ball in the game and he has trouble finding the hole but bounces off for 4.
Quick toss right to Toon looked ugly but Toon makes it work for a first down.
Badgers take a time out. a minute to go in what has been a poor first quarter for the Badgers.
Ball finds a little room attacking the middle for 4.
Toon great pass to Graham for 20 yards over the middle, Tolzien really threaded it in there.
Tolzien had lots of time do to some great holding by the line, not sure how they didn't draw a couple of flags but it worked.

End of the 1st Quarter

Badgers are at least moving as the second quarter starts, the line doesn't seem to be run blocking at their finest so far and Clay has looked very off his game.
Tolzien throws a strike to Graham for 18 yards, ball at the 3.
Lets see if Clay can get things going now.
Clay slow to attack and gets nothing.
Clay attacks slow and then dries into the end zone, he walked his first attacker into the end zone.
(Tolzien is looking very very sharp through the air, it will be interesting to see how that changes the game plan)

Wisconsin Score 7 - Northwestern 10

Northwestern 4th Drive
The returner takes his time and finds a crease down to the 35.
Fumbled football on first down and the Badgers come up with it.

Badgers 4th Drive
Great field position and some momentum for the Badgers.
Clay picks up 6 yards on first down as he finds a seam left middle.
Clay needed one more block for a big run, but he only gets one on due to the free tackler.
Clay dives for the first down and doesn't get it.
Ball at the Northwestern 28, and they look to be going for it.
Clay hurdles the line and might not have it. Great tackle.
Badgers just got it on a hard Clay run.
Badgers awesome touchdown pass to Graham.
Tolzien rolled right and threw left to Graham dead on between two defenders. 27 yard TD.
(Badgers take advantage of the turnover like they usually have this year, Tolzien is throwing strikes today.)

Wisconsin Score 14 - Northwestern 10

Northwestern 5th Drive
Return finds a lot of room to the same spot they attacked last time, bad tackling and he is down to the Badgers 34.
Flags fly on first down, false start offense.
Badgers delayed blitz doesn't work and ball goes over the middle for a first down.
Ball over the middle is dropped and almost picked off.
Badgers are blitzing and it isn't working out that great.
Badgers call time out from the sidelines.
Pass over the middle for 5, as the Badgers don't blitz and Kafka has all day.
First down pass to the sidelines as Smith gives to much room.
Far to much time but pass is incomplete long in the end zone. Northwestern is now working on Smith.
Kafka takes off with it and somehow gets 5. He slips the tackle, wait on the replay he got help from a monster hold/takedown.
False start on Northwestern as the guard flinched on the coming blitz.
3rd and 10 and diving grab for the touchdown.
(This drive was set up by the huge run on the poor kick coverage.)

Wisconsin Score 14 - Northwestern Score 17

Badgers 5th Drive
Short kick and the returner fumbles, Northwestern comes up with it. They should review this because it looks like his knee was down.Anderson on the fumble. Badgers keep the ball, this is where replay helps.
John Clay bouncing around and no gain. No hole on that one.
Clay now has 11 carries for 20 yards.
Tolzien rolls out and a short pass to Kendricks for 6 yards.
Tolzien leads Anderson just a little long and he doesn't hang on. He needs to catch that ball though.
Punt coming, fair catch at the 20.
(the poor blocking on first down hurt that drive, the third down was Tolzien's first off target pass of the day)

Northwestern 6th Drive
First down pass to the sidelines for 14 yards.
Long pass on first down as the seam is wide open, ball to the Badgers 40.
Northwestern trick play works for a touchdown, they thow a short backward pass and he throws it long to a wide open receiver.
(that was one quick drive as they gained yardage in chunks. They are really going after Smith, he might need to come out of the game)

Wisconsin Score 14 - Northwestern 24

Badgers 6th Drive
Anderson muffs the kickoff into the end zone and then comes out with it and gets only to the 5. Poor coaching shines though on that one.
Clay runs up the middle and the official doesn't get out of the way and took the full brunt of Clay.
Clay picked up 8 second down coming. Clay cuts back and picks up 4 diving forward.
First real concern for the official, and he stopped a long run the Badgers needed.
Hopefully Clay is into this game now, quick toss to Toon picks up 7.
Tolzien slips and sacks himself, and that is a drive killer.
Pass is blocked at the line and the Badgers have to punt.
(Well the worst happened as Northwestern should get the ball back with great field position with 3 minutes left).

Northwestern 7th Drive
Punt down to the 30 but the first tacklers miss.
On first down they go deep and get 26 yards and they are just moving at will now.
Short completion to the sidelines as the Badgers finally get a little bit of a pass rush.
Badgers pick up a pass interference, Culmer St. Jean and he didn't need to do that.
No pressure and the Wildcats pick up another 6 yards.
The Badgers need a big play, so far Boreland and Schofield have been silent.
Run play comes up just short of the first down, Sorenson on the tackle.
Third and 1 and they run and come up well short. Moore attacked hard into the backfield.
Northwestern going for it, they take a time out.
Northwestern is now kicking the field goal, the Badgers hope.
(that was a huge third down stop as they couldn't afford to give up 7, Badgers have given up 17 un answered)

Wisconsin Score 14 - Northwestern 27

Wisconsin 7th Drive
Another squib kick and Ewing takes it up to the 40.
Tolzien sacked on first down.
The Badgers decide to head for the locker room after that disaster.

End of the 1st Half
The Badgers had a very rough first half as the defense gave up yardage in huge chunks. The Badgers special teams units gave up two long returns and on the other end the Badgers muffed a kick and then made a huge mistake taking it out of the end zone. The Badgers will nede a heck of a speach to get back into this game. The positive is that Tolzien has looked good so far, but Clay and the blocking has not. Clay is only averaging 2 yards a carry so far.

Second Half

Badgers 1st Drive
Gilreath on the return gets outside and gets it to the 30.
Throwing on first down and great pass to Toon, threads it in there for a big gainer.
They fake run and find an open Graham for another first down, 14 more yards.
Ball at the NW 30.
Toon gets the ball short and picks up hold, but Anderson is having a rough day and picks up a late holding penalty. That penalty was pretty weak.
Toon almost made a huge catch, but just drops it with good coverage. Nice breakup by the defense.
Toon short towards the sidelines.
3rd and 7 coming, Toon on a great catch on the post route. Nice throw and catch.
1st down just outside the ten. Tolzien makes his second poor pass of the day otherwise it would have been a Toon TD.
Anderson TD pass but penalty coming. Illegal motion on Anderson.
Screen pass and Zach Brown falls down, no gain.
Tolzien has all day and throws incomplete to Jefferson. That wasn't a very good throw there.
Field Goal is good.
(poor execution by Anderson wipes out a touchdown, and he is having a brutal game. Badgers threw on every play of that series)

Wisconsin Score 17 - Northwestern 27

Northwestern 1st Drive
Northwestern return to the 30, penalty on the play for illegal block brings it way back though.
Badgers need a big stop here, where is Schofield and Boreland?
Running back was stopped in the backfield, got lose and then picked up yardage outside. Face mask penalty turns it inot a Badger disaster.
Northwestern back to the air and wide open catch for another first down.
Ball at the NW 42.
Short first down run.
Second down run and the carrier is hit in the backfield and again breaks free for a few. Holding call against NW gives the Badgers a chance of a big defensive stop coming up.
2nd and 19, pass over the middle picks up 5.
3rd and long and the Badgers need a stop bad. Empty backfield and the Badgers pick up a holding call on what was a take down. Pass goes incomplete punt coming.

Wisconsin 2nd Drive
Gilreath takes the punt to the house for 67 yards and that was his best return ever by far. Good explosion through the hole for Gilreath and a nice wall. (the Badgers need that badly, and now should have a little momentum. The pass rush has also looked just a tick better so far in the second half so it will be interesting to see if that can continue.The mistake by Anderson looks really huge now as the Badgers would be up 1 right now)

Badgers Score 24 - Northwestern 27

Northwestern 2nd Drive
Another big hole on the kick off and the Wildcats will start at their 40.
Blitz coming and Wisconsin calls time out. Another time out after a break, you just can't have that.
No blitz and a complete pass for 6, he fumbles but NW recovers.
Quick run makes it third and 1. False start NW and now it is 3rd and 6. Actually not sure if that helps the Badgers. Complete pass first down, and Kafka had all day.
Culmer St. Jean drops what would have been a Badger touchdown.
Pass to the sidelines, and he gets a very good spot for a first down.
Pass incomplete trying to go over the top on the side lines. Nice coverage by Valai.
Quick pass for 5 to the sidelines.
Kafka takes off and that was a mistake as he gets 3, he must have saw something he liked but no clue what.
Field goal coming from 45, straight through.
(well the defense couldn't get off the field on third down where they really needed to, but they did make the stop for the field goal keeping the game within a TD.)

Wisconsin Score 24 - Northwestern 30

Badgers 3rd Drive
Gilreath has no magic on the kickoff and takes it to the 20.
Tolzien pass to Toon for a first down and that was a miracle of a completion as it threaded the defense.
The first run of the second half for Clay and he busts loose for 20. Officials might be from Chicago because that was the clearest late hit out of bounds you will ever see.
Pass is dropped on first down as Tolzien had another good throw.
Second down pass and Tolzien didn't see the underneath coverage on Toon and almost gave up 6.
Tolzien takes off to the 36 a few yards short of the first down and they now have a call to make.
They are going for it on fourth and 2, Tolzien hangs onto it to long and gets sacked. He had multiple targets open and he just didn't let it go. Ball is turned over. (you hate to second guess but you need to use the money back in that situation.)

Northwestern 3rd Drive
False start on first down. First down run for 1 maybe 2.
Wide open receiver and the pass is complete for 50 yards to the Badgers 15. Smith got torched again, as they have worked on him all day long.
Run up the middle for a yard and the Badgers need a turnover.
McFadden came from the backside but didn't get there quick enough for the sack and Kafka picks up a couple. If McFadden gets to the QB a little earlier he has an easy strip on the ball.

End of the 3rd Quarter
Kafka throws against Smith again, and Smith should have laid out for the pick.
Field goal coming, and good.

Wisconsin Score 24 - Northwestern 33

Badgers 4th Drive
The Badgers now need two scoring drives so points are critical on this series.
Boreland gets another short kick and takes it to the 45, nice field position with Boreland's help.
Clay gets nothing on first down.
Tolzien to Gilreath and he is 2 yards short of the first down. That first down no gain kills you.
See what they call here, somehow Gilreath comes up with a ball that should have been picked first down.
Throw to Clay over the middle for 11 yards.
Clay finally bursts through the line for 8, and that is the first hole he has really just driven through.
Clay picks up the first down, he gets 4 and was really holding that ball.
Ball gets tripped up in the backfield, no gain. Ball didn't hit the hole fast enough.
Football a the 15. Wide open Graham for the touchdown.

Badger Score 31 - Northwestern 33

Northwestern 4th Drive
The Badgers defense needs to hold NW on this drive to help make this game real interesting.
Deep kick into the end zone, and that helps as NW has been getting big yards on returns.
Short pass picks up 9 as the holding penalties weren't called.
Run picks up no yards.
Huge third down play here, false start again NW you would think they are trying to get these penalties.
Kafka finds a lane for the first down as the Badgers rush flushed him late. Boy was there holding at the line of scrimmage.
Kafka breaks out of the sack and picks up 2 yards. The holding is just nuts right now when will they get a call.
Short pass picks up 4.
Big third down again, 3rd and 4. Great coverage by Smith breaks up the pass.
Punt coming.

Badgers 5th Drive
Gilreath is clueless on the line drive punt, no return.
Clay moving through the weeds and picks up 6.
Clay picks up only 2 on second down.
Clay gets the pitch on third and short and takes it for 15, unfortunatley he juggled the catch or he hits top speed quicker.
Ball through the seam for 4. That was an unusual wishbone formation on that one.
Short pass to Toon went for no gain, might have lost a yard.
3rd and 7 at the 47, Tolzien has all day and throws it out of bounds as him and Toon have bad communication and it is incomplete to the grass.
(Not sure why they didn't keep pounding Clay until it didn't work because he was heating up and the holes were getting bigger.)

Northwestern 5th Drive
Screen pass for 7.
Dropped short pass and a huge third and 2 coming.
Great pass coverage and pass rush, brings on the punt. Niles Brinkley with the monster coverage.

Badgers 6th Drive
Gilreath fair catch at the 45. Holding penalty on the kick hurts the field position, that kills great field position.
Tolzien to Graham over the middle for 6.
Incomplete pass to Toon as it was thrown to the wrong shoulder.
Big third down, pass incomplete to Graham and they get lucky on the pass interference call to keep the drive going. Thats OK makes up for all the NW holding on offense.
Clay rumbling to the 49, six yard gain.
Clay powering forward for 3, just a little short of the first down.
Clay fumbles and this one is over. He has one hand on the ball and it pops out when he was moving forward.

Northwestern 6th Drive
Run goes for 6 up the middle. Badgers time out.
The Badgers need a stop or this is it.
Schofield on a big stop for a loss of 2.
Time out Badgers.
Badgers take down Kafka for a loss.
The Badgers will get the ball back with about 40 seconds left.

Wisconsin 7th Drive
Nice punt out of bounds at the Wisconsin 20.
Long ways to go no time outs, need about 40 yards.
Picked off deep, ball was going for Anderson and he didn't fight for it. Anderson had one poor game as his penalty negated a touchdown which would have given the Badgers a win.

Final Quick Conclusion
The Badgers couldn't get it going early on the ground, and looked flat on defense as well to start the game. They put in a good effort in the second half but it came up just short. The penalties by the Badgers the particularly Anderson's mistake on the touchdown pass. Clay fumbled at a critical part of the game, and Tolzien and Anderson didn't connect on a final pick off to seal the loss.


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