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Wisconsin - Ohio State Live Game Blog

Wisconsin - Ohio State
Live Game Blog 2009

1st quarter

Ohio State's 1st Drive
Ohio State elected to receive, return to the 23 tackle by Lance Kendricks.
Pryor over the middle incomplete about 8 yards down field.
Pryor takes off on a designed run for no game.
Big early third down coming up.
Pryor completes the pass for 9 yards on third down, Ohio State to punt. Nice job of the Badgers stopping for no yards after the catch.

Badgers 1st Drive
47 yard punt and fair catch by Gilreath ball at the 20.
Zach Brown the starting running back.
Tolzien sacked on first down after holding the ball to long. Moffit got beat.
Zach Brown no gain on second down up the gut.
Screen on third down gets 6, needed 16. Three and out not a great start for the offense. The sack seemed to disrupt the drive completely.
Boreland false start on the punt.
(Tolzien held the ball way to long on the first play, it will be interesting to see if the next drive starts with a short pass or if they start it with Clay on the ground)

Buckeyes 2nd Drive
Long line drive punt that the Badgers couldn't get down field quickly enough to cover. Badgers get saved by a block in the back penalty on the Buckeyes. Otherwise ball would have been at the 50.
Buckeyes start on the 19.
First down run by Saine for 4.
Pryor in the shutgun, incomplete pass to the sideline.
Pryor scrambles for a first down to keep the drive going. It was an option play and the Badgers did not defend it well.
Ball on the 34
First down gain of 6 by Saine.
Saine slips for a loss on second down, Taylor on the tackle.
Pryor sacked on third down, even got a holding call on the play. Schofield just beat his guy clean. Wasn't really a hold, it was more of a WWE take down on Schofield. Pryor still got gang tackle sacked by the rest of the line. That is the sort of play the Badgers need today.

Badgers 2nd Drive
Punt is fair caught again by Gilreath.
Badgers pick up some field position and are at the 30.
John Clay on first down for a few.
Swing pass to Clay picks up 3. Clay should have bull-dosed the first guy instead of trying to outrun him.
To much pressure on third down and Tolzien throws it away.
(the Badgers line isn't winning the battle of the trenches, and Clay needs to stay physical early not trying to juke people)

Buckeyes Third Drive
Punt down to the 23
Pryor incomplete on first down after nice coverage down the field.
Second down run for about 5 from Herron.
Aaron Henry on a big time tackle on the receiver on third down. Huge play, even broke up the pass with the huge hit.
(Badgers defense on three drives has looked good making plays in the secondary and with the line. Waiting for a big time play still from the young linebackers)

Badgers Third Drive
Badgers pick up another ten yards of field position on the punt, and are now starting at the 40.
Look for a short pass by Tolzien to start this drive?
Gilreath on an end around for a first down. Gilreath gets the edge and takes it to the 45.
Gilreath on a quick short pass for only a few.
Badgers false start, you just can't have that. Garrett on the false start.
Second and 11.
Tolzien to Kyle Jefferson, Jefferson was wide open and was Tolzine's first option on the pass. Interesting.
Tolzien intercepted over the middle of the field returned for a touchdown. Not sure how he didn't get tackled but Tolzien was hit as he threw and his pass floated and was an easy pick.
There was a block in the back on the touchdown return that if it didn't happen might have stopped the touchdown but wasn't called.

Buckeyes 7 Badgers 0

Badgers Fourth Drive

Gilreath takes the kickoff to the 23.
Time out Buckeyes.
Badgers need a good drive here before this game gets ugly.
Zach Brown running forward on first down for 3.
Brown on second down for 2.
Tolzien ducks out of being sacked and runs for a first down. Tolzien just used the big time luck card. Where is the blocking?
Gilreath picks up 14 on the end around again. The Badgers must see something here.
Gilreath again on another run to the 44. Gilreath will need to come out to catch his breath.
Clay straight ahead for the first down, best run of the day inside the tackles so far.
Clay straight ahead for no gain.

End of the First Quarter
Badgers 0 - Buckeys 7
Scoring was on the 80 yard interception return. Would have been nice to see if the defense could have stopped Ohio State if it wouldn't have gotten returned all the way. One thing you have to like is the Badger defense has gotten plenty of rest. The Badgers passing game hasn't gotten going at all, and the offensive line is getting beat bad by the Buckeyes.

Second Quarter
Zach Brown picks up 4 after he misses the hole.
Badgers miss the blitz and Tolzien is sacked again.

Buckeyes Fourth Drive
Bad punt comes out to the 20, went into the end zone in the air.
Herron picks up 4 on first down. Herron injured on the play, is helped off the field.
Pryor on what might have been a designed run is tackled for no gain by Taylor.
Need a big third down stop here on third and long.
Pryor picked by Culmer St. Jean, nice pick and run to the 11.
(Badgers defense rises up).

Badgers Fifth Drive
John Clay stopped in the backfield, had no time to even take a step.
Anderson catches it at the 8.
It is very loud in the stadium right now.
Tolzien loses the snap. He gets it back but... Tolzien pulled out to soon.
26 yard punt.
Fake punt for a touchdown. Maragos on the keeper what a gutsy call.
The play gets reviewed but is upheld.
(the reason why this worked is the Badgers don't do this ever.ever.ever.)

Badgers 7 - Buckeyes 7
Buckeyes Fifth Drive
Kickoff and the Buckeyes start at the 23.
Pryor should have been picked by Fenneles, he needs to pick that.
Paine on a loss of 1 on second down.
Big third down coming, third and long.
Pryor takes off on third down and picks up yards but not enough.

Badgers Sixth Drive
Bad Buckeye punt, but nice bounce takes it to the 23.
Hopefully the offensive line can pick up their game, because they aren't getting the job done.
Anderson on the end around for a short gain.
First nice pass by Tolzien to Anderson for a first down. Risky pass though.
Clay find a little crease for 6.
Clay picks up 2 on second down.
Third and short and Clay gets plenty.
Badgers first down on the 44.
Best blocking of the day Ball on a nice carry but holding. Still was good blocking but this is a drive killer.
Incomplete pass to Toon, would have been very short yardage.
Tolzien poor pass to Toon, not enough time to pass again.
Graham comes up a yard and a half short on third down.
Going for it on fourth down.
Clay nice run for the first down.
Clay on a really nice run for 5.
Clay dropped for a big loss on second down, no blocking.
pushes them out of field goal range.
Complete pass for a loss, now makes it a 50 yard field goal try.
Badgers look to be going for the field goal, time out Buckeyes.
I would rather try Toon for a jump ball in the end zone.
Welch drills the 50 yarder.

Badgers 10 - Buckeyes 7

Buckeyes Sixth Drive
On kick off the Buckeyes drop the ball fake the hand off and Boreland drops the returner at the ten.
Pryor busts loose to the 40.
Pryor runs for 6.
Pryor is 1 of 7 passing on the day for 10 yards and a pick.
Pryor complete pass for a first down.
Pryor complete to the 27 and the Buckeyes are driving.
Illegal shift on Buckeyes 5 yards on the penalty.
Incomplete pass to Carter on first down.
Incomplete pass on second down, some nice pressure on this one by Watt.
Pryor on a nice touchdown pass and catch. Good coverage on the play, give it to the Buckeyes.

Buckeyes 14 - Badgers 10

Badgers Seventh Drive
Short kick off Badgers will have the ball on the 40.
Incomplete pass on first down.
Anderson to the Buckeyes 47, first down.
Tolzien sacked on first down, time out. Josh gets beat for the sack.
Badgers don't call a quick time out, not sure how you screw up that bad.
Badgers look to be lining up for a 57 yard kick by Welch.
Welch has the distance on the field goal, however pushes it right.

End of the First Half
Buckeyes 14 - Badgers 10

Badgers 1st Drive
Gilreath on the kick off to the 20.
1 yard run Clay.
7 yards to Toon.
Clay on a nice run for the first down.
Clay on a nice first down run, but another holding call on Graham. Questionable call by a ref 35 yards away.
Gilreath for no gain on a run.
Tolzien picked off and returned for a touchdown. Tolzien threw it into about 5 Buckeyes players.
15 yard roughing penalty after the score.
Tolzien looked at his target the whole way, and the defender batted it high in the air to himself.

Buckeyes 21 - Badgers 10

Badgers 2nd Drive
Toon on a 36 yard catch into Buckeye territory.
Brown for a 1 yard gain on first down.
Dropped by Anderson, a big incompletion that should have been caught.
Tolzien runs but comes up short of the first down.
Welch on for another long kick.
Welch makes it.

Buckeyes 21 - Badgers 13

Buckeyes 1st Drive
Kick off returned right up the middle for a touchdown, and the Badgers poor special teams hurts them big time.

Buckeyes 28 - Badgers 13

Badgers 3rd Drive
Badgers falling apart as the kick off is returned only to the 6.
Lance Kendricks on the first down catch.
Clay on a good 8 yard run.
Clay has 15 carries for only 42 yards. Not good so far, lets see if he can get going in the second half.
Mickey Turner catch for no gain.
Tolzien is starting to lock on receivers in this game.
Pass incomplete to Garrett.
Tolzien stays in the pocket and gets a 19 yard completion to Gilreath.
John Clay needed another blocker, gain of 5.
Ball up the middle for a first down.
Ball on a nice carry for 5.
Zach Brown out of the game for medical check.
Ball on a pass reception for a first down.
Ball out Clay back in. Ball did a nice job when in.
Clay up the middle, however illegal formation on the offense negates big first down run.
Penalty seems like a bad call.
Tolzien to the end zone incomplete pass. Straight up drop in the end zone by Anderson.
Clay to much juking for no yardage.
Tolzien first down pass up the middle to Gilreath.
Tolzien's pass batted down at the line on first down.
Clay on a short outside run, little gain.
Clay on a catch for no gain.
Field goal coming.
Welch misses a 33 yard field goal, pushed right.

Buckeyes 2nd Drive
First down run no gain.
Saine picks up 6 yards on the run.
Pryor fights for and gets first down to keep the drive going.

End of the Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter
Buckeyes catch for a first down and more, wide open.
Badgers poor tackling, and a 31 yard Saine run.
Saine on first down for a couple.
Saine on second down for 5 as clock moves.
Schofield stops Pryor on the designed run.
Pryor somehow ends up getting an intentional grounding penalty.
Field goal is good.
(Badgers had a shot to get off the field early on this drive but let Pryor drag them for a first down)

Buckeyes 31 - Badgers 13

Badgers 4th Drive
Gilreath returns the kick to the 20, he has no ability to break one.
John Clay catches for 7.
Nick Toon on a short first down catch.
Gabe Carimi 15 yard penalty for hands to the face.
Clay for a couple.
Tolzien incomplete on second down, almost sacked.
Tolzien almost throws another pick.

Buckeyes 3rd Drive
Punt returned a couple of yards to the 33.
Buckeyes run, no gain.
Buckeyes run, no gain.
Pryor on the keeper and is sacked for a loss.

Badgers 5th Drive
Gilreath going nowhere on the punt return.
Badgers forced to call time out on first down. Wheels have come of the wagon in this one.
Short pass to Toon on first down.
Badgers in the hurry up.
Incomplete pass to Tolzien.
Tolzien hit as he throws, however first down pass complete.
Pass complete 15 yards to Anderson.
Tolzien is sacked after he holds the ball to long.
Tolzien rushes for a first down, Tolzien does protect himself a little.
Ohio State calls time out to help the Badgers.
Incomplete to Kendricks in the end zone, could have been caught.
Clay runs for a short gain. Clock keeps on moving down to 5.
Tolzien should have been picked in the end zone.
Badgers going for it on fourth and five and convert it to Anderson.
Tolzien sacked by three Buckeyes.
Pass complete to Anderson.
Tolzien sacked again on fourth down.
Incomplete into the end zone on fourth down.
14 play drive and no points for Wisconsin.
Josh Oglesby has been owned by the Ohio State defensive line, and is a big reason for the lack of time for Tolzien.

Buckeyes 4th Drive
First down run, short gain.
False start offense.
Short gain second down. Time out Wisconsin.
Third down short gain run.

Badgers 6th Drive
Punt falls dead at the 49.
1:31 left in the game.
Tolzien running for his life, holding again Wisconsin.
Tolzien sacked again.
Incomplete pass over the middle to Ball.
Incomplete on fourth down and they turn it over.

Buckeyes 4th Drive

Victory formation and thats the game.

Final Score

Ohio State 31 - Wisconsin 13

Final Rap:

The Wisconsin offense beat themselves on two Tolzien interceptions returned for touchdowns. Give the Badger defense credit for playing a pretty good game.


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