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Wisconsin-Minnesota Game Quick Hits,Game Score

Score 31-28 Win

1. Here's Johny... John Clay is starting to turn into the type of running back that makes all those great Badger running backs of games gone by proud. Not only did Clay take advantage of some pretty good running lanes, on the plays where there wasn't a good gap he fought hard and usually got at least four yards. Give Mr. Clay the game ball and a sliver off the ax for his 32 carry 184 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. I saw at least a few good blocks by Clay in pass protection as well.

2. Scott Tolzien seemed to come into the game maybe a little to amped up or something, and looked a little out of rythem. Some are saying he had a good game, I will take what he gave us for his first big road game and hope he learns from some things. He did have a nice long completion completed to Toon that was taken away by what seemed like the games only holding call (trust me the Gophers could have been called for holding many times, on one play there was actually a block in the back and a Badger lineman that was so clear you could have seen it from space). Tolzien finished the day with 16/26 for 159 yards a TD and an pick.

3. The Badgers wide receivers and tight ends are very good, the best overall depth at all positions in a very long time. Nice catch by Kendricks in the back of the endzone and many fine catches from the rest of the guys all game. The Gophers had one really good receiver, the Badgers have more guys who can catch than a Gopher can count to. Also want to hand it to the receivers for throwing some good blocks in the game.

4. Don't really want to throw Brown under the bus, however the fumble is pretty hard to justify ever happening at that point in the game. I actually didn't like the play call, I wanted either a pass to the corner of the endzone or a short run straight up the gut to setup the field goal.

5. How about the kid Boreland week after week he shows he is a true football player. His desire on stopping the Gophers on the last time is just inspirational to see. Who knew the Badgers can have a pass rush, here I thought that became extinct when Brett took over.

6. The Badgers kickoff coverage needs work, way to many yards on almost every single kickoff.

7. The Badgers defense continues this year to have a knack for creating turnovers. I thought the team could and should have had a few more picks, however the team still created three turnovers. The interception by Butrym was just pretty, he could give some offensive players some crap this week after making a catch like that.

Two point Conversion is Good 8. I enjoyed my seat and the atmosphere at the Gophers new home TCF Bank Stadium a lot. This is a great new college stadium and there is little negative you can say about the look and feel of the stadium, congrats to MN. So far however, all you seem to hear is the positives on the stadium there are some big negatives though as far as fan experience. The biggest is a problem with lines everywhere, there are not enough entrance points into the stadium making you wait a long time to get in. There concession stands aren't nearly large enough at the new stadium, expect to wait at least fifteen minutes to get any food at anywhere near the start of during or after halftime. As Gopher fans said before the game the stadium seemed a little louder overall for the Gophers than when they were at the dome, however it wasn't crazy loud.

Badger fans don't be scared off by the smaller size of the stadium, there was still good seats to be had before game time at very near or at face value. We need all the fans we can get now in MN, they have split up where the locations of the tickets that they sell to the away team which makes it harder to generate crowd noise. The rain also didn't help the Badger fans get as loud as normal because fans were wearing rain coats that weren't red, if you looked closely there were a lot of Badger fans at the game (you needed to look though for shirts,hats,and pins though which is disappointing).

Jump Around 5-0


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