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Wisconsin - Minnesota Football Rivalry: Twin Cities Intro

Wisconsin - Minnesota Football
Twin Cities Guide

While the Gophers may have downsized the size of their stadium to 50,000 seats give or take, Wisconsin fans should not be discouraged and go ahead and make the trip again this year. For those of you making the trip for the Wisconsin - Minnesota football game or maybe an upcoming hockey series in the Twin Cities, here are some great things to know.

1. Parking is going to be harder to find around the Gophers new football stadium than the Metrodome, come earlier. This actually goes for any basketball games or hockey games you come to as the new football stadium sits directly on the old prime parking spots outside of Mariucci and Williams arenas.

2. Bring the Weber grill and all the beer you need with you to the Twin Cities, because there are not any quality bars surrounding the new Minnesota stadium (don't be expecting a cool place like State Street Brats that you can check out, even if your are rooting for the other team). If you need to go to a Gopher bar near the stadium these are your options.
a. There is Stub and Herbs close to the stadium, which you might be familiar with from prior trips for hockey and basketball. This is actually a good option, as it is not completely devoid of character and has some history. Word of warning the food sucks badly, don't do it.
b. Sally's also by the stadium is a bar without a lot of character despite the cartoonish female Gopher outside. Again the food sucks, however what you really need to know about Sally's is it is a PACKER bar on the Minnesota campus.(the seemingly legendary Gabes is not a Packer bar anymore by the way)
c. So you forgot the grille and you need to eat before the game, head down to Dinkytown and go to the "Library" (yes that is the bars name, no it isn't named for the Library across the street it is actually a chain of bars named that). The food at the Library is good, it has been renovated and has the best TV setup.
d. You are a student and not 21, which in MN actually does mean you will not be visiting a bar without a good fake, go to Burrito Loco around the corner from the Library. No they will not give you beer, however the burritos are first rate.

3. You came up to the Twin Cities and forgot the Visa card and can't afford to get in, now what? First we are seeing a lot of tickets for sale online and aren't expecting it to be a big problem to pay for a seat before the game, but in case it is, here is our advice. Quickly head over to the Badger bar in the Twin Cities, which is Rosen's in downtown Minneapolis. Some things you should know about Rosen's is that it is a Badger bar, the game will be on, and there will be Wisconsin fans there for sure, this occurs for all football and basketball games all year long. The place is lacking in Wisconsin bar atmosphere, and it targets a completely different crowd on most days of the week than your Wisconsin sports nut. The food is actually good, try some and sit down for a beer and focus on the game.

4. The game is over and you want to go out to eat at night, now what? The Twin Cities has some good food, however it isn't like Madison where you can go down State Street and easily find something good. We have racked our brain on what district to go to if you don't want to look up the locations of restaurants or just drive around and have come back with "Northeast" being hands down the best local for a hungry Badgers fan. To get to Northeast all you need to do is take 4th St. SE which is the street that goes between the Gophers' hockey and basketball arenas and go West until you hit Central Ave. and you will be in Northeast (this is only about a mile and a half West of campus and much better than Dinkytown for everything). With that in mind in no particular order we present the restaurants in Northeast to think about going to.
a. Red Stage Supper Club - Yes that's right, we actually found you a "supper club" to go to in Minneapolis, your welcome. Try the place out, it lives up to being a supper club all the way expect for adding maybe a little bit of big city refinement (not to much refinement though).
b. Brasa Rotisserie - A small cheap location for meat that is to die for.
c. Punch Pizza - It is wood fire baked pizza, inspired by Italy. You need to make time to pick up at least one slice, this is really good stuff.
d. The Bulldog Bar - Somehow this bar gets bar food, yet is still into being a little foodie. Only bar that I have been to where they try to make inspired bar food the best tasting/gourmet they can and you wouldn't run out yelling yuppies.
e. Gasthof's - This is the biggest German bar/restaurant in the Twin Cities if you like German food, sorry I don't so I won't tell you about the food.
5. You didn't feel like eating or hanging out in Northeast so you are looking for some other places to eat.
a. Victor's - It is Cuban food, and it is good. Problem is it is also small and hard to find. Google it and print out the map and directions.
b. Salsa a la Salsa - Mexican food at its finest, cheap and just South of downtown Minneapolis with available street parking.
c. Amazing Thailand - It is what it is called, located in the much hyped Uptown district.
d. Tin Fish - Back to Uptown this is located in the Park on Lake Calhoun and serves great fish sandwiches and other seafood.

6. You are looking for some activities to fill out your weekend trip to the Twin Cities that don't involve a certain large mall, here's what you do.
a. Take a walk around Lake Calhoun, or Harriet or any of the other Minneapolis lakes. These lakes are more like ponds and are just the right distance to walk around and have a good time.
b. Go to Uptown, spend an hour and say been there done that. Uptown is Minneapolis's answer to State Street, poor distant second cousin though.
c. Either walk or drive along the Mississippi River for a while. I would suggest walking the river from the Guthrie theater to the Hennipen Avenue Bridge (Google the Guthrie for map location). You will get to see the first lock on the Mississippi and the old flour and lumber mill ruins.
e. If you like to take in culture go to the Guthrie Theater, Walker Art Center (warning very Modern art), and Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
f. If you enjoy learning about history go to the Flour Museum which is downtown on the river. It is a lot more enjoyable than you would think for those of you who are nut history nuts. They also have a good video of Minneapolis history in general, which is short,informative and funny.
g. Como park in St. Paul has the free zoo and gardens, and is nice relaxing place particularly if you brought kids.
h. If you like to go clubbing every once in a great while Downtown Minneapolis has a decent club scene.

For now this is our guide, let us know if there are other items we should discuss or things to add to our current lists.

Go Badgers!


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