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Badgers vs Purdue: Quick Hits

Badgers vs Purdue:

Well after the bye week there are a ton of questions going forward for the Badgers football team.

1. Can the offense rebound after horrible showings in consecutive weeks vs Iowa and Ohio State. In the Iowa game the offense appeared to be rolling in the first quarter and then the wheels fell of big time. In the Badgers started off trying to establish the run and then went to the pass. The run worked until the Hawkeyes stacked the line, but then Tolzien couldn't attack the secondary despite the limited man power back there. The Hawkeyes are a pretty good team that plays team ball, however that offensive showing can't happen the rest of the year.

2. How amped up will Purdue be after their big win against the Buckeyes? One thing is for sure, Purdue will be confident that they can win this game.

3. How is John Clay doing physically? Clay went out with an injury for a time that looked bad during the Iowa game, luckily it wasn't and he returned to action. The problem is he wasn't the same running back after he returned.

4. Mike Taylor is out for the year so the Badgers have lost one of the young play makers that have been making the defense special this year. Taylor is great but the Badgers finally have good depth at the linebacker position, not expecting a drop off here.

5. Who will the Badgers choose to play in the secondary, sense they say the rotation ends now? No clue here, nobody has stepped up and claimed the starting spots from this viewpoint.

6. Will the Badgers come out and respond immediatley after the layoff and a loss. I think this is a yes, the Badgers started off good against Iowa and this team seems to have character.

7. Can BB win a big game? We will have to wait until the bowl game for this one. Sure he claims to keep the team focused with every game being a big game, but he hasn't won to many "big games". This is the main way BB is different than Barry, Barry won the big games more often than not.

8. Went for 2 - The one thing BB has going for him is that the recruiting seems to be improving with what seems like a very solid class last year, and a class this year that seems maybe not great at the high end but very solid.


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