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Badgers vs Hawkeyes Live Game Blog

Badgers vs Hawkeyes 2009
Live Game Blog

Hawkeyes First Drive

Iowa has a good drive down to the thirty which then goes in reverse after a broken play, and a big sack on third down by Boreland. The Hawkeyes go for it on fourth down and throw a deep pass play down the middle that the receiver wasn't in the vicinity on.

Interesting call to go for it on fourth down this early in the game. Badgers are going to get good feild position. Do the Hawkeyes think the Badgers are going to score at will and they need points, or do they think the D will make a stop anyways.

Badgers First Drive.

John Clay for 6 on first down, nice starting run play.
Clay up the middle for the first run on second down, first down. Good powerful run.
Clay shows good patience on first down and makes a good cut for a first down and twelve yards.
Ball at the 45.
Clay gets to cute on first down, and gets stopped in the backfield.
Clay on second down, he does a good job of avoiding a big loss and makes a positive gain.
First pass play of the game is on the series 6th play on third down, and Tolzien takes a sack on a big blitz.
Bad punt goes into the end zone, ball coming out to the 20.
(Clay gets the ball 5 times on this drive, and really he does his job moving the team down field)

Hawkeyes Second Drive
On first down run play gets a couple, JJ Watt on the tackle.
JJ Watt on the tackle tracking the runner from behind, gain of a couple.
On third down holding call after some good pressure. Pass incomplete, punt coming.
David Gilreath forgot to call fair catch on the punt and gets lit up, he hangs onto the ball though.

Badgers Second Drive
See if the Badgers go to the air more on this drive, or just keep pounding it.
Clay busts through the line for another 12 yard gain, nice block by Mickey Turner.
Gilreath on the end around and the blocking doesn't hold up, Gilreath should have attacked a hole quicker.
First complete pass goes to Graham for 6.
Third down coming.
Clay great job of finding a hole on third down to pick up a couple.
Clay runing hard 7 for 40, going to take a quick break though.
Ball up the middle for 3 or 4.
Quick out to Toon, not a great pass but complete and Toon gets just enough for a first down.
Ball goes wide and runs someone over to pick up a few yards on what could have been a loss.
Clay up the middle for 15, a little fake to the end around. I don't think the fake mattered.
Clay misses his hole to the outside and only picks up a couple.
Clay on second down, not much there takes it outside for a couple.

End of the First Quarter
Score Badgers 0 - Hawkeyes 0

Badgers have a third and long coming up, it will be interesting if the Badgers mix it up and give it to Clay figuring they will go for it on fourth down.
Tolzien throws up the middle and it is batted down at the line, not sure why they don't move the pocket a little.
Field Goal is good from 34.

Badgers Score 3 - Hawkeyes 0

Hawkeyes Third Drive

Kickoff taken at the ten down at the 28.
Hawkeyes run left for 3 or 4.
Badgers had a blitz on second down that turned into a run blitz that worked, Valie on the tackle.
Third down pass is dropped, probably would have picked up the first down.
Punt down to the 10, ball should have been caught instead it rolls 15 yards.
(The punting game is now in Gilreath's head and he needs to be taken off of punts, no questions anymore.)

Badgers Third Drive

Tolzien all day standing on his end zone, complete pass to Anderson 20 on the completion.
Tolzien pretty pass for another first down.
Pass goes to #3 for an eight yard completion.
Ball down to the 44.
Great run play by Clay, shows patience and picks up 5 and a first down.
Clay up the middle and gets rolled up and is hurt.
This could be really bad on Clay.
Clay going up the middle is tackled and then pushed backwards bending back on both knees.
This looks like a possible season ending injury to be honest folks.
Good new Clay jogs off after about a minute.
Ball up the middle for 5, first down Wisconsin.
Ball fights to lose only 1, worse running play of the day.
Kendricks on the catch for 5 yards.
Hawkeyes Blitz again but Tolzien finds Toon for a first down.
Tolzien goes to the end zone and an easy touchdown to Moore is flat out dropped.
Ball cuts it outside for a touchdown, great blocking and nice vision.
(Ball is a player, nice awareness on what he needs to get done on runs. Ball doesn't take losses plays with power and waits for a hole. Is he better than Clay no, but honestly this kid is likely the best freshman running back in the Big Ten)

Badgers score 10 - Hawkeyes 0

Hawkeyes Fourth Drive

Badgers are admitting that their kickoff coverage units suck and are kicking short and high on the kickoffs. Ball starts on the 35.
Good pressure on the QB, the rusher fall but otherwise it would have been a huge sack.
Hawkeyes run goes for 4.
It is now Boreland time, good crowd noise.
Poor coverage on a 40 yard pass completion, pressure almosts gets to the QB.
Schofield almost takes the handoff on first down, good loss on the play for the nation leader in tackles for a loss.
Mike Taylor is injured on the field. Taylor is helped off the field, not putting a lot of pressure on his legs.
Quick pass play for about 4.
Now it is Schofield time on third and long.
Complete pass to the 20, still short of the first down.
Field goal coming, good from 37.
(The big pass play on third down is what killed the Badgers, otherwise nothing was going well for the Hawkeyes)

Badgers Score 10 - Hawkeyes 3.

Badgers Fourth Drive

Gilreath returns to the 27 and fumbles at the end of the run, they call Gilreath down before the fumble. Gilreath needs to stop playing special teams.
High snap screws up the running play on first down. Clay on the carry for 0.
Curt Phillips on the designed keeper for 8.
Phillips on another keeper and he doesn't get the first down.
Badgers probably out thought themselves by putting Phillips in. The snaps to Phillips all looked poor.

Hawkeyes Fifth Drive

They are starting on the 22.
Hawkeyes run up the middle for 8.
Second down run, no gain on the play.
Hawkeyes try to run on third down and another tackle for a loss by Schofield. The Hawkeyes gift wrapped that on for him.

Badgers Fifth Drive

Gilreath fair catches at the 36 had all sorts of room to run, no clue what he is doing.
Tolzien back out there and he takes a sack on first down.
Clay for a loss on second down.
Anderson on the pass completion but not close to the first down and the Badgers momentum has been killed in this game.
Hawkeyes will get the ball back with about a minute on the clock.

Hawkeyes Sixth Drive

Punt downed at the 24 with 50 seconds left.
JJ Watt on a big tackle for a loss on first down, Watt was held on the play and still no dice.
Hawkeyes are going to let the time run out on the first half.

End of the First Half

The Badgers are in control of this game but are only up 7, and this seems a lot like last week again.
Stat of the Half Hawkeyes 72 yards versus 179 yards of offense for Wisconsin.

Badgers First Drive

Gilreath finally on a good return to the 32.
Clay on first down for a few, running up the middle.
Tolzien to Toon for a first down, and Toon does a good job of getting good yards after catch.
Clay for little gain, up the middle and the Hawkeyes seem to have figured out the runs up the little better than the first half.
Tolzien throws an interception, not sure who that was going to all the way across the field.

Hawkeyes First Drive
Starts on their 46.
Short catch for 4 on first down.
Short run on second down, JJ Watt on the tackle.
Calling Mr Schofield.
Complete pass on third down, nice job to hang onto the ball.
QB gets a few yards on a busted play.
Big run on second down, will be third and very short.
Big play right here on third down.
Run on third down and gets more than enough.
Hawkeyes have the ball on the 27.
Incomplete pass on first down over the middle.
Boreland comes out of the game with an injury, Taylor is doubtful to return.
Short run on second down, but Badgers line is now getting beat.
Huge touchdown pass on the rollout, great throw and catch.
Poor coverage and the QB had all day after rolling out. Brinkley was the beat Badger.

Badgers score 10 - Hawkeyes 10

Badgers Second Drive
Badgers really need a good drive here after they have now completely lost momentum, and have both young linebackers hurt. Clay hasn't done much after the third drive of the game, he was hurt on that drive but the blocking hasn't been as good either.
Gilreath with another decent return on a short kick, takes it to the 35.
Clay taken down for a big loss after a Hawkeye comes completely free.
Tolzien runs out of bounds for a loss, Badgers look very ragged right now.
Clay on the screen in well short of the first down.
Another poor Badgers drive.

Hawkeyes Second Drive
Decent put downed at the 20.
Badgers need a stop on defense, the Hawkeyes are rolling.
Boreland on the tackle, Hawkeyes gain three on a run play.
Big run after a short catch on second down. 16 yard gain.
Badgers haven't forced a turnover yet today and could really use one.
Run on first down for no yards, Culmer St. Jean on the tackle.
False start offense and thats the first penalty of the game late in the third quarter.
Hawkeyes are starting to spread things out.
McFadden in the backfield for a tackle of a loss.
Third and long, QB fumbles after pressure Badgers recover.
Boreland on the forced fumble.

Badgers Third Drive

Clay needs to run very hard to get 4 yards, great run.
Tolzien trying to throw a pick on second down.
Toon can't catch it, would have been a first down. Should have been a pass interference.
Welch misses the field goal from 38.

Hawkeyes Third Drive
Pass for 6 on first down.
Tackle by Watt on second down.
Complete pass to the sidelines on third down.

End of the Third Quarter

Badger Score 10 - Hawkeyes 10

The defense needs to get the job done because the offense has looked lost since the fourth drive of the game.
Big catch to the Badgers 41, diving catch out of bounds.
Pass complete to the 17. No pressure on the QB. Henry beat on the play.
Hawkeyes now driving hard with a big run on first down.
Huge hole up the middle and the touchdown run.
Hawkeyes have now scored 17 points unanswered versus the Badgers, not looking good.
Badgers Score 10 - Hawkeyes 17

Badgers Fourth Drive

Note that Graham hasn't been in any of the second half, he is out with a head injury.
Gilreath out to the 20 on the kickoff.
Clay no room to run on first down and this game is about over the way it looks.
Clay no room on second down, third and long.
Short pass to Anderson and three and out on an ugly drive.

Hawkeyes Fourth Drive
Hawkeyes will start on the 40.
First down run, loss of 1.
False start on the offense, second down.
Draw play for 3, Boreland saves the Badgers on this one.
Nice catch on third down, and another big completion on third down.
To much time to throw.
Hawkeyes are moving again with ease, another complete pass.
Second and 4, overthow to the endzone. Should have been picked.
Badgers off-sides, gives the Hawkeyes first down.
False start offense, first down.
Watt for a big tackle for a loss, nice tackle but doesn't make up for his off-sides that continued this drive.
Big pass on second down, gives the Hawkeyes third and 9.
Sack on third down, ball on the 32. Devin Smith on the blitz.
Punt is good from 48.

Badgers Score 10 - Hawkeyes 20

Badgers Fifth Drive
The badgers have had no offense in the second half, they have 34 yards late in the fourth quarter.
Moore on the kickoff return, tried hard and is at the 25.
Clay on the first down catch for 7.
Incomplete pass on second down.
Tolzien on a poor pass on third down, and now they have to go for it on fourth down.
Kendricks catches the pass for a first down.
Anderson nice run after the catch for a first down.
Kendricks drops the pass on first down.
All day for Tolzien to pass and he throws an interception.

Hawkeyes Fifth Drive
Big run play on first down.
Jay Valie gets a huge unsportsman like conduct 15 yard penalty.
Hawkeyes huge run down to the 20.
First down run, no gain.
Second down run for a yard.
Third down run comes up short and punt likely coming.
Hawkeyes go for it on fourth down, and Watt with the sack.
Ball turned over on downs.

Badgers Sixth Drive
Tolzien sacked on first down, clock running.
Tolzien to Clay third and ten clock running.
Tolzien picked off again.

Hawkeyes Sixth Drive
Just running out the clock.

Final Score Badgers 10 - Hawkeyes 20

Final conclusion, Badgers had things going early on the ground and then the Hawkeyes put 8 in the box and there was no game through the air for the Badgers. Tolzien throws three picks in a very poor game for him. Graham not in the game during the second half and Tolzien might have really missed his safety blanket. The Hawkeyes score 20 points unanswered in the win.


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