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Wisconsin - Purdue Live Score, Live Blog

Live Game Blog - Scores
Final Score Wisconsin 37 - Purdue 0

(conclusions at the bottom, thoughts in the middle)

First Quarter
Badgers 1st Drive

John Clay on the last two carries has found great running room and is refusing to go down on first or second contact.
John Clay again breaks it outside for 9 yards.
Clay gets a briether and boy does Ball show some great burst going through a gap in the middle of the line.
Badgers keep it on the ball to Kendricks on a fake rb handoff, kind of ugly start but a 12 yard gain.
Clay back in there and he pounds it into the line for 4 or 5.
Clay does a good job on first and goal of picking up 5 yards and taking to the inch line.
Clay on the dive over the pile for the touchdown. Clay did an excellent job of waiting for his chance to dive, he just didn't run up there he took his time and was in by a mile.
(Badgers run the ball right down Purdues throat, count the run plays in a row. Of course this is how the Iowa game started last week, the difference is this drive didn't stall)

Badgers rushed 11 times with 0 passes on that first drive.

Badgers Score 7 - Purdue 0

Purdue 1st drive

Good coverage on the kickoff Purdue to start at the 27 though.
Badgers give a huge cushion to the wr on first down and an easy 8 yard pass and catch.
Purdue runs up the middle and meets the red wall, no gain on the play.
Purdue on the ground attacks the middle again, picks up 3 and a first down.
Throw in the flat to the running back is ugly and incomplete on first down.
Running back does a lot of shaking and baking for 2 yards on first down.
Not sure what is going to be called on this play, heres what we got maybe complete pass and drop, Badger recovery and fumble out of bounds on the run back. Has to be a review coming.
Well the review came back as no catch, punt coming.
Punt in cought on the 5 and then he goes in reverse, he actually went into the end zone looked at where he was and had to dive out just to get to the 4. UGLY..UGLY...UGLY

Badgers 2nd Drive

Ball on the 3.
Badgers fake the run, and then try their first pass out of the end zone incomplete - to high.
Clay runs hard for just a yard gain. Purdue has the line completely stacked, Clay did a good job for the yard.
Clay up the middle for 4, to give the punter some briething room.
(Complete waste of the series because of the poor special teams play.)
Not a bad punt, fair caught at the Badgers 47. Thats a 50 some yard kick out of the end zone, not bad.

Purdue 2nd Drive.

Purdue QB has all day to throw and nearly thows an interception, saved by inches because the db caught it 2 inches out on a great catch.
Purdue throws on second down and a good hit knocks the ball out incomplete.
A designed short pass play almost works but the wide out steps out of bounds 4 yards short trying to walk the rope.
Purdue punt goes into the end zone.

Badgers 3rd Drive
Wisconsin to start at the 20 and given their last field position has to be pretty happy.
Badgers have thrown on ball so far with 4 minutes to go in the first quarter.
Gilreath on the run outside, does a nice job of making the first guy miss after poor blocking. First down.
Clay punds it right middle of the line for 4.
Clay up the middle for 4 maybe 5, kept the legs moving well.
Clay shows great footwork on third and 2, he dances through a hole for the first down and then finds the seam for another 30. Great vision, great footwork, wow.
Badgers complete their first pass, 10 yards and a first down.
Clay on first down gets stopped for the first loss of the day.
Tolzien passes for a first down, nice throw into tight coverage but he put the ball where only the receiver could get it.
Badgers fake a lot of directions on a run play, bad play it slowed the development down and they only got a short gain. Thow that play away.
2nd and goal. Tolzien takes a sack and a great drive is falling apart.
The line didn't do their job on that one.
Time out Wisconisn.
My guess here is going to be a try to let Kendricks work in the end zone for the TD.
Toon doesn't hang on to a catch, would have been a couple of yards short still. Bad drop.
Field goal coming, Welch right down the middle 32 yard field goal.
(Passing game isn't in the game yet because of the run game dominance)
Badgers had the ball for 12 minutes in the first quarter.

Wisconsin Score 10 - Purdue 0

Second Quarter

Purdue 3rd Drive
Returner finds a seam in the middle and takes the kickoff to the 33.
Purdue up the middle for 2.
Poor tackling gives the Purdue rusher new life and almost a first down. A block in the back is what gave that play life, should have been called with how clear it was.
Run up the middle for 2.
Complete drop on the pass over the middle, hands of bricks on that one. Boreland was going to light him up if there was a catch.
Jail break screen picks up the first down, you have to question if the blocking on that one was legal.
Good pressure from the line and then St. Jean comes on the delay blitz and gets the sack.
Taylor up the middle for 4 yards, small guy found a crease.
QB takes off after he finds nothing down field, he comes up a few yards short.
Purdue going on fourth down.
Incomplete pass near the sidelines. Unsportsman like penalty for spiking the ball after the call is called incomplete. 15 yard gift to the Badgers.

Badgers 4th Drive
Badgers start at the 45.
Anderson on the run outside gets 10, he was a little slow to attack on that one.
Clay stopped for no gain on first down.
Ball on the Purde 44.
Tolzien rolls out, thought about running but a guy came free and he thows it away.
No receptions yet for a Badger receiver, that better change.
Toon catches a ball over the middle that wan't past the sticks, Toon is lit up and the Badgers are forced to punt.
Punt fair caught at the 10.
(not sure why the third down throw was thrown short of the sticks, they get even 6 yards and they probably go for from that spot on fourth down)

Purdue 4th Drive
Badgers on the team sack on first down.
Schofield collapses the pocket from the outside first.
Boreland on the crazy good tackle on the run up the middle. He hog tied that guy.
Picked off by Devin Smith at the 15, great break by Smith.

Badgers 5th Drive

Lance Kendricks on the first down pass to the 10 for first and goal.
Clay on first down shows a good burst to the outside an picks up 6.
Clay shows good patience up the middle, but comes up inches short of the goal line again.
Clay powers through the middle for the score, no dives this time just brute force through the seam.

Wisconsin Score 17 - Purdue 0

Purdue 5th Drive
Kickoff return up the middle finds the usual day light to take it to the 30.
Defense playing well, lets see if that continues.
Short pass to the flat, rb doesn't catch probably on purpose because Schofield was going to destroy him if he did.
QB seems to be getting rattled and the pass goes to the grass.
Schofield time coming, pass rush doesn't get there because of the holding.
Pass comes out and the wr drops it trying to think how he is going to go up field for the first down.
Punt blocked by David Gilbert, Henry picks it up for the Touchdown.
(Well Purdue played a good game against the Buckeyes, but this week Wisconsin is playing like the good Badgers they displayed at some quarters against Iowa and Ohio State but none of the bad Badgers) Gilbert beat the line and jumped the three man shield for the block.

Wisconsin 24 - Purdue 0

Purdue 6th Drive

Kickoff goes out of the end zone with wind help.
Running back is juking in the middle of the line for no gain.
Throw over the middle is incomplete.
Lets see if Boreland can make magic on third down coming.
Strong Badger rush early flushes the QB, Elliot takes off but gets only 9 three and out.
Gilreath finds running room outside and gets about 25 yards after catch.

Badgers 6th Drive
Wisconsin had a penaly on the kick and that backs the ball up.
Ball on he 12 instead of he 45, big difference.
Clay on first down blows up the first guy for 5 yards of first down.
Wow Clay shows the footwork up the middle for 7.
Badgers milking the clock with 2 minutes left.
Clay at the 100 yard mark. 53 yards after contact.
Clay picks up 3, after early contact.
Nick Toon on the catch for 15. TOON TOON TOON chant here.
Tolzien takes a coverage sack on first down. Tolzien should have thrown it away.
Tolzien quick over the middle and that looked ugly. Jail break screen attempt.
Tolzien has a lot of time but doesn't find a receiver. Toon was the target .
On the punt the returner drops it but gets it back.

Purdue 7th Drive
Purdue has 25 seconds left.
Purdue runs on first down, then calls time out. What?
Purdue gets yardage down the field, but doesn't call a time out when they should have.
Purdue on a hail mary play with 2 seconds left and the QB doesn't even throw it.

End of the First Half

Wisconsin Score 24 - Purdue 0

Third Quarter

Purdue 1st Drive
On the kickoff the usual middle seam, however the returner gets tripped and takes it only to the 25.
Purdue first down pass, no clue where that was going.
Another Purdue drop over the middle.
Not sure what creature on Haloween these wr's are playing that they have so many drops, a fish?
Drop on third down and punt coming.
False start on the offense on the punt. Not to many penalties in this game.
Badgers tried to block the Punt.
Gilreath finds some room outside and gets about 15.

Badgers 1st Drive
Clay time?
Kendricks almost gets stopped on the end around for 4 yards, instead he stiff arms and takes it for 54 yards.
Anderson on the monster blocking down field.
Clay on first and goal dancing and fumbles into the end zone. Recovers in the end zone and it isn't called a touchdown. Now review coming.
Clay has been solid with the ball that was just a toxic combo, the first Purdue guy came with a good strip try followed up by a helmet to the ball. Tough combo.
Well Clay gets the touchdown on the review.
Again don't beat Clay up to bad on that fumble. His main problem is he maybe got a little to greedy trying to bully for the touchdown.

Wisconsin Score 31 - Purdue 0

Purdue 2nd Drive
Poor kickoff return idea, Purdue to start on the 24. Returner was dancing to much.
Purdue QB has all day, however coverage forces QB scramble for 3.
Running back dancing up the middle for 2.
Boreland here he comes.
To much time for the Purdue QB but he misfires short.
Punt coming.
Gilreath doesn't call fair catch when he should have, good courage bad idea and no gain.

Badgers 2nd Drive
Clay cuts back right after going up the middle, great vision and run for 8.
Clay nice cut again up the middle for 4, boy is his footwork good today.
Clay takes a short breather. Ball in.
Tolzien all day to throw overthrows Toon deep, however Toon stretches out and makes an incredible catch TOON TOON TOON.
Ball on the 25.
Tight ends both false start on first down. Why?
Ball keeps the feet moving and gets 5, this kid looks like the Badgers next great back after Clay. Ball by his junior year should be a beast.
Ball dropped in the backfield quick.
Third and long coming, hasn't been good today.
Tolzien on a short pass up the middle to Graham, no catch.
Field goal coming from 42. Welch kicks it through in a nail biter.
(I think on that drive you got to see the difference between how well Clay is running versus a less skilled back, Ball played well but Clay is making so many more things happen today with vision and footwork)

Wisconsin Score 34 - Purdue 0

Purdue 3rd Drive
On this Haloween day it is windy, and Welch uses the wind to kick it out of the end zone on the kickoff.
Purdue incomplete pass on the right side line.
Purdue QB gets jittery and takes up the middle for a few.
Purdue in third and nine.
Another drop, this one would have been a first down.
The pass rush has not been great today.
Purdue punt goes to the Wisconsin 35.

Badgers 3rd Drive
Badgers on their own 35 to start.
Clay finding the seam for 4 or 5.
Clay should bust a big one pretty soon you would think.
Tolzien throws a duck to Appleton, Appleton couldn't get it inbounds.
Tolzien runs, but doesn't pick up the first down. This was due to coverage and I am sure that Tolzien isn't risking a pass down field.
Flag came out, but they don't call the defensive holding they thought they were going to.
Punt coming, punt is to long and into the end zone.
(Will we see Phillips today?)

Purdue 4th Drive
Purdue on the 20
JJ Watt on the tackle for the loss.
Pass is a little off on second down, not sure what the pass completion percentage is but it won't be pretty.
Purdue has 103 yards so far on the day.
Run up the middle is 9 yards short of the first down.
Punt coming. Gilreath on the fair catch.

Badgers 5th Drive
Ball on the 30
Curt Phillips in the game.
First down ugly run by Ball for a loss.
Phillips rolls out and completes a nice pass to the fellow freshman Appleton.
Third and 8 coming.
Phillips takes the sack, he does a good job of staying alive for a while but goes down.
Punt was almost blocked but Nortan gets it off and it rolls back to the Purdue 28.

Purdue 6th Drive
Ball on the 28.
Purdue goes to a redshirt freshman for his first QB time of his career.
First down run up the middle for 10.
Sack by Moore as the QB rolls out.
Second and 23.
Running play up the middle and it's Boreland time.
OK lets go over it Boreland stands the runner up strips the ball, and recovers.

Badgers 6th Drive
Kendricks on the rb fake up the middle for 5.
Ball up the middle for a couple, you can just see the difference in Clays cuts to Ball.
Lets see what Phillips can do on the third down pass coming.

Fourth Quarter

Third down pass coming by Phillips, will be looking to see if Brown gets in the game as the blocking back. Boy Brown has taken a fall from grace as the season moves on. It is on Brown that he has lost playing time, but Ball clearly looks to have some special to him.
Back to talking about Boreland a little during the commercial break, in his first start he has not had the drop off in production that some had feared. Just another great game.
False start on third down by big O.
March of the tubas going on, and the music is fitting today.
Craig Appleton on a nice snare andd catch, good throw by Phillips. Appleton caught that with a guy hanging on him.
Ball picks up the first down on fourth down.
Lets see if they let Phillips throw it on first down.
Phillips instead on the keeper and he does a little to much dancing.
Not sure I have seen a QB in a while that is so quick to break out a strong stiff arm though.
Phillips on the keeper up the middle, not sure if they are trying not to score or what because up the middle with Phillips is not going to get it done this close.
Phillips nice pass to Toon in the end zone but good coverage and it is incomplete.
Field goal coming from 22.
(Well Phillips didn't get it done, but it felt like they wasted a down on his second keeper. The throw and catch to Appleton was great though and shows the promise for the future you dream of. The other nice thing on the play is that Phillips felt pressure but stayed put and delivered a strike.)

Wisconsin Score 37 - Purdue 0

Purdue 7th Drive
Kickoff returned to the 40, after good dancing.
Purdue is back under 100 yards of total offense after the huge sack for a loss last series.
Purdue run, and they now have 101 yards of offense. Lets keep in mind Purdue probably got 40 yards off that against the prevent at the end of the half.
Complete pass for 7.
Underneath catch to the tight end doesn't get the first down.
Three and done again and the punt coming.
Gilreath with the fair catch on the 15. Not sure why at this point the Badgers don't see if someone else is any good at this.

Badgers 7th Drive
Ball makes a cut and picks up 7.
An interesting run by Gilreath, a lot of motion on the line and toss that one out the book.
Wow Phillips looking poised avoids the rush, rolls out and throws on the run for a first down to Gilreath. He just made an argument to start next week, not kidding.
Phillips on the keeper for 4.
Eric Smith gets the ball and doesn't wait for the hole to develop, gain of 3.
OK well Phillips throws the pick after some pressure as he lets it go. Ball sails and pick at the Badger 40.

Purdue 8th Drive
Incomplete pass long to who knows.
Running back attacks left middle for 6. Purdue is now up to 112 yards of offense on the day.
Purdue on an interesting short pass play, can't make a completion from 4 yards away.
Purdue goes for it on fourth down and completes it over the middle for a first down.
Purdue will probably get points now and break up the shutout.
Running back is Taylor and he takes it to the 11, Brinkley still awake today and makes the stop.
Short catch for a first down.
QB keeper to the 3.
4 minutes left in the game.
Running back tries to get outside on the sweep and Valie blows him up.
All day to throw and the QB misses the mark.
They are going for it on fourth down.
JJ Watt keeps his responsability of staying with the QB and knocks down the pass.
Shutout intact.

Badgers 8th Drive
Ball on the 4.
Well Phillips is in the game, so I think everyone must be thinking the keeper is coming.
Hand off goes to Smith and he gets to the 5.
Eric Smith gets blown up, and takes a loss ball on the 2.
Purdue calls time out with 2 minutes left. Crowd goes WTF.
Phillips throws on the run from end zone and throws an incomplete duck.
Phillips had Gilreath open, Phillips should have set his feet to throw.
Punt rolls to the Badgers 35 and the shutout is in jepordy again.

Purdue 9th Drive
Purdue on the 34 and first down incomplet pass.
QB stares at the wr all the way and incomplete pass.
Badgers have now completely cleared the bench on defense.
False start on the offense on third down coming.
Purdue puts it on the ground on third down run.
Who gets it Boreland that's who. His second fumble recovery of the day. Only mistake is he fell picking it up or he would have been gone for 6.

Wisconsin 9th Drive
Eric Smith for 10.
Eric Smith keeps the feet moving for 5.

Final Score Wisconsin 37 - Purdue 0

Final Thought: First shutout since 1999 vs a Big Ten team for the Badgers, and they did dominate particularly early. Once again the Badgers looked to establish the run early and ran 11 times and passed 0 times on their first touchdown drive. The defense was on all day, they got more pass rush early in the game which rattled the QB. From there on defense the QB was rattled and then his wide outs started dropping the passes that actually did hit him in the hands. Phillips got a lot of action in this game and showed some great things, but also showed the freshman mistakes that keep him on the pine. The biggest mistake he made was throwing without setting from his own end zone. He sets his feet there and he completes the pass and keeps the drive going. This a young Badger team with talent, that couldn't play complete games against Iowa and Ohio State, today though the talent showed through brightly. Final thought add Mr. Gilbert to the list of young Badger playmakers.


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