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Wisconsin vs Fresno State: Curt Phillips Playing Time

Wisconsin vs Fresno State

Last week fleet footed redshirt freshman QB Curt Phillips saw action in two series vs Northern Illinois, one in the first half and one in the second. While Phillips displayed some of the play making ability with his feet that make fans drool, his throwing was still closer to making coaches cringe. While Phillips wasn't in the game junior QB Scott Tolzien who unexpectedly won the starting job was making excellent passes and reads all day long, except that is when he came in after sitting out while Phillips played. The question is, with Tolzien playing well should Phillips come into the game because it could break the teams rhythm?

This is a harder question than it sounds like, the easy answer is if things are going well why screw it up. In my opinion Tolzien got the starting job over Phillips because of the Badgers coaching staffs strong belief in the Badgers receivers, so they went with the more passing advanced Tolzien. The thing is a lot of these dual threat college QB's take a while to get comfortable with the passing game, do you thing that Ohio State didn't have a better passing QB on the roster last year than Pryor? Either the Badgers didn't think they could win while Phillips is developing as a passer, and or they thought he really wouldn't develop in time for the Big Ten season. The first reason I think the Badgers need to give Phillips playing time is that there is nothing like game experience to develop and he is the QB of the future.

Curt Phillips is also the second string QB for the Badgers, so it is likely that Tolzien is not Brett Favre and Phillips will need to enter a game at some point. I don't think you want Tolzien's first time playing with the first string offense versus a Big Ten opponent on the road. My final point on why Phillips needs to play is that late in the season in the cold Phillips might give the Badgers the best chance to win from the QB position. It is harder to have a good passing game in the cold, and if Tolzien can't move the ball through the air it would likely be better to have a somewhat experienced Phillips have the option of running the ball so the Badgers can win a game 10-7. So there you have it Phillips needs to play at least two series a game, at least until the Big Ten starts.


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