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Wisconsin - Fresno State: Recap Quick Hits

Wisconsin - Fresno State
34-31 Win in Double OT

#1: Scott Tolzien is a player, the best passing performance from a Badger QB in three years (Phillips still needs to get some more playing time before the Big Ten starts, no chance in this game though).
#2: The Badgers have a lot of depth at the wide receiver position, sometimes depth means you have a lot of average in this case the Badgers have the very good and average which is excellent given the length of the season.
#3: OK the line is young and they are having trouble run blocking, more concerning might be the lack of a quality fullback.
#4: No speed in the Big Ten, did anyone see the rather large John Clay burn an entire team for 70 yards, no really did you see it because not only did he beat them he was still distancing himself from everyone the last ten yards.
#5: O'Brien Schofield played extremely well on the defensive end of the ball, Borland gives hope for the future of the defense.
#6: It is good to hear that Henry was sick, because otherwise it looked like his career as a Badger starter was going to be over due to the knee injury and a lost step or two. That would have been very unfortunate given the promise he has shown before the injury.
#7: While the Badgers can't seem to get off the field on third down to save their life, if you watch it is very impressive that they always seem to get the other team into third down situations (they are doing a good down on 1st and 2nd down).
Go for 2: Final thought is that this was a great win for a team that had 40 people battling the flu, can't imagine playing the game after battling the flu in that heat (if you don't think that a lot of the players weren't at 100% after the flu your nuts).


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