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John Clay Fumbles

Everyone knows by this point that John Clay put the ball on the ground three times last week, which is just bad. You know what though running backs fumble, Dayne made costly fumbles as have the other talented UW backs. Look to the pro's and you will find that Adrian Peterson's biggest problem is that he has a legit fumble problem.

When you look at Clay and you look at his overall body of work you realize that he doesn't seem to have a fumble problem. Keep in mind to that in the past Clay has been used a lot already to try and close out and win games, this is not something you do with a player that the coaches don't trust because he has a fumbling problem. Late in games the other team is often looking to strip the ball even more, if Clay showed in practice he had problems with this he wouldn't have been in there against Fresno State.

Clearly the more troubling news coming out of Camp Randle in regards to Clay is that Settle claims that he didn't have that look in his eyes at the start of the game. You know what everyone responds differently to situations like this, they can be overly jacked up or they can go the other way and try and play it off like no big deal (you don't really know what is going on in their head). I think in the end Clay will be fine, he might have his carries go down a little for a while but he will still close games out. The fact that he will be closing games out means one thing the coaches trust him with ball security just like they always have, you should too.

P.S. For those who want to question after Settle's remarks if Clay has confidence or desire, players without desire his size don't think they are going to hurdle another player (might not have been smart, but is shows the confidence of a playmaker) which was his problem on the first fumble. By the way Clay clearly has some technique and playbook problems, but that is not what this article is focusing on this time.

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