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Badger Basketball vs Purdue - In Game Blog

Badgers vs Purdue
In Game Blog
(being updated constantly scroll down, final score game thoughts at end)
With twelve minutes to go in the second half the Badgers have not scored in over three minutes. Overall in the second half the Badgers defense has kept them in the game, however Purdue has now scored on the last two possesions to push there lead from 1 to 6.
Keaton cuts the lead to three on his second big trey of the game, where has this come from?
Other notes are that Trevon Hughes is finally having a good game on defense and offense, Bohannon still can't hist water though.
Nankivil on a great fed to the post helps cut the lead to 1.
Lead at three for Purdue as the Badgers can't compete down-low.
Jordan Taylor drives and scores to cut the lead back to 1.
Badgers look good on defense and tie the ball up, still Purdue ball.
Kramer hits a two for Purdue,
Keaton Nankivil another three, (banked off the glass) you have to be kidding me. Tied 49-49.
Purdue empty trip, Badger empty trip-Purdue ball after the ads.
Moore hits a long two, Purdue lead.
Nankivil on another pretty pass for points, tied up.
Purdue empty trip.
Hughes scores on drive to paint.
Badgers tie it up, get procession. 53-51.
Badgers empty trip, Purdue empty trip.
Grant commits Purdue foul, Badger ball out of bounds. Five minutes left.
Nankivil hits hit fifth 3, sorry nothing you can say about that WOW.. WOW..
Note: Brent Mussberger is giving love to Jordan Taylor, and he deserves it. It is the switch that has clearly been thrown in Jordan Taylor's head that is keeping the Badgers in games. If this is a sign of things to come for Nankivil, paired with Taylor the Badgers are becoming a dangerous team again. The only problem is come tournament time they will not have the inside guy they need.
Purdue was held scoreless untill now as Purdue hits a three.56-54.
Badgers have a very small lineup on the court.
Nankivil hits two free throws. Score 58-54.
Purdue hits a wide open three.
Hummel hits another three Purdue up again, Badgers choking again. Purdue up 2, 1 minute left.
Taylor misses from three, Purdue ball. Taylor foul, Purdue up 5.
Taylor drives gets 2. Badgers down 2. (should have been a foul called)
Badgers foul on in-b0und 20 seconds left.
Kramer miss free throw. Badgers will get a shot at tie.
Taylor just misses runner, Purdue ball 5 seconds left...
Purdue hits both free throws, up four - 5 seconds left.
Trevon Hughes hits a three Badgers lose by 1.
Badgers vs Purdue
Final Score: 64-63 Loss
Final thoughts: Freshman Jordan Taylor took the Badgers last three shots on set plays, an interesting situation to place a freshman in who is just finding his game. Frankly though Taylor clearly is looking like a big time player moving forward, and the experience he is getting helps the Badgers chances going forward. The Badgers of course lost their 5th consecutive game, the 4th straight very close loss. It is very unfortunate that the Badgers have not pulled a couple of these wins out, as with the improved play of Taylor and Nankivil they could be a team that surprised people come March Madness. The problem is now the Badgers are going to have a real tough time getting to March Madness. Better hope we beat Michigan State a couple of times.

Keaton Nankivil did lead the Badgers in scoring with 21, as he went 5 for 5 from beyond the arc. Hughes scored 15 as he went 3 of 3 from beyond the arc, however overall he was 5-13. Jordan Taylor went 2-5 for 6 points, and had 3 assists.


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