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UW Badgers Live Game Blog

UW Badgers Live Game Blog vs Iowa, October 18, 2008.
Hawkeyes 38-Badgers 16 Final Score
(PJ Hill injured did not return)
Badgers First Offensive Series.
PJ Hill picks up a first down on a seven yard run.
Dustin Sherer completed a risky pass to Garret Graham for a first down.
Shrerer looks shaky early on almost throwing an interception on second down.
Dustin Sherer through slightly behind Garret Graham on third down for an incomplete pass.
Hawkeyes First Offensive Series.
The Hawkeyes are moving the ball on the ground and through the air with ease.
Hawkeyes are down to the twelve yard line with strong running from Sean Green.
Hawkeyes score on run from Sean Green from the twelve. Green was barely touched on the run as he bounced it outside. Badgers defense looks extremely flat on the first series.
Badgers Second Series.
PJ Hill has a big hole and gets 10 yards up the middle.
PJ Hill gets 0 yards on next play.
John Clay loses a yard on second down up the middle.
Nick Toon catches a first yard pass in the middle of the field against a zone defense, pass was poor from Sherer.
Sherer completes a 7 yard pass to Jefferson. Pass was again very poor but complete.
John Clay runs on second down and loses a yard as there was no place to go up the middle.
Badgers run Hill on third down and two and comes up short.
Wisconsin punting from the 45, return of 6 yards to the 20.
Hawkeyes Second Series.
Hawkeyes again on the move on the ground.
Hawkeyes pick up a first down thru the air.
End of First Quarter:
Hawkeyes punt, 37 yard no return.
Badgers Third Offensive Series.
David Gilreath gets long pass completion, was wide open.
Dustin Sherer throws right to Hawkeye player, pass was in the dirt and player could not hang on.
PJ Hill get three yard run on second down.
Sherer on third down scrambles and throws another pass in the dirt.
Badgers punt from the 35, 34 yard punt and ball on the Hawkeyes 22.
Hawkeyes third Offensive Series.
The tight end picks up 23 yards on a short pass, with poor tackling.
Badgers get nice pass break up on third and five from Allan Lankford.
Hawkeyes punt. Fair catch at the twelve.
Badgers 4th Offensive series
Kyle Jefferson gets holding penalty to negate a long run on second down.
Sherer rolls out and gets taken down for a sack.
Badgers get flagged for illegal formation on third down, declined.
Badgers to punt, Hawkeyes to start from the 42.
Hawkeyes 4th Offensive Series.
Chris Maragos gets flagged for pass interferance on first down, 15 yard penalty.
Big hole for Green up the middle 7 yards.
Green gets a 34 yard touchdown run, due to some nice cuts and very poor tackling.
Badgers 5th Offensive Series.
First down pass it to know one knows from Sherer.
PJ Hill gets 4 yards up the middle and is hurt.
Beckum picks a first down.
John Clay gets three yards up the middle, the Badgers have run very few if not no plays to the outside.
Sherer locks in on Beckum, and almost throws another interception after double pumping.
Sherer thows wild on third down, would have been picked off on third down.
Badgers punt, good punt to the 15.
Hawkeyes 5th Offensive Series.
Green gets 6 yards with a nice hole.
Green dropped for 3 yard loss as Badgers run blitz.
On third and seven complete short of the first down.
Hawkeyes punt, Badgers to start on the 38.
Badgers 6th Offensive Series
First down Clay for short run.
Garret Graham makes juggling catch, first decent throw in a while.
Short pass to the fullback for a first down.
John Clay short run up the middle.
Beckum on large pass to the 26 gain of 19.
Sherer throws it away on first down.
Ineligible wide receiver down field five yard penalty.
On first and 15, to much pressure and incomplete pass.
Badgers pick up six after poor pass to Beckum.
Sherer throws incomplete on third down.
Badgers Get Field Goal
Hawkeyes 6th Offensive Series
Hawkeyes run out the clock, before half time.
Hawkeyes are forced to punt. Badgers on the 22.
Badgers 7th Offensive Series.
Zach Brown, swing pass short gain.
End of First Half
Hawkeyes 7th Offensive Series
Hawkeyes go three and out.
Hawkeyes punt, Badgers get good field position.
Badger 8th Offensive Series.
Badgers move the ball on big Clay run outside.
Badgers settle for field goal.
Hawkeyes 8th Offensive Series.
Another three and out for the Hawkeyes offense.
Hawkeyes punt and Badgers get good field position.
Badgers 9th Offensive Series.
Badgers get some pass completions to take it ot the 20.
Badgers get another field goal.
Hawkeyes 9th Offensive Series.
Green breaks a 52 yard touchdown run up the middle untouched.
Badgers 10th Offensive Series.
Clay has a couple of nice runs for a first down.
Sherer throws high to Beckum on second down, almost picked off.
Badgers third down, Sherer throws high to a wide open Toon. Would have been a big game.
Badgers punt, two penalties on the play off setting.
Badgers repunt is blocked, Hawkeyes start on 30.
Hawkeyes 10th Offensive Series.
Hawkeyes Touchdown off nice catch by the tight end. One handed catch behind the body high.
Badgers 11th Offensive Series
Sherer's poor passes saves him again as Hawkeyes could not pick off pass.
Sherer sacked for loss of 8.
On third down Sherer throws to? pass incomplete.
Hawkeyes 11th Offensive Series.
Another long run for Green for another touchdown.
As the rout is on, with another second half collapse of the Badgers defense.


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