Badgers vs Illinois - 5 Quick Hits

The Badgers were looking like they might have another let down against heavy underground Illinois in the first 20 or so minutes of the game, however from there the opponents issues showed. 5 Quick Hits: 1. It is unfortunate for Melvin Gordan that he has no quarterback and thus the Badgers are having their worst year in a long time, if the Badgers were having a typical year he could still get himself into the Heisman Race. Just another 4 touchdown 175 yard game. 2. The Badgers have a lot of problems on offense, however luckily run blocking isn't one of them. The running backs are stellar but you need to give credit to the team blocking effort from the lineman to the tight ends. 3. Joel Stave got the start and most of the game, however the Badgers quarterback situation still isn't good. We will say though frankly that Stave gives this team easily a better chance to win games than any other quarterback on the team. 4. Vince Beagle had a very nice day, he was flying to the football. 5. The Badgers performance against Illinois solidifies that every game will be an adventure for this years Badgers.

Badgers Assistant Football Coaches Rumors for Gary Andersen Staff

Let the Badgers assisstant football coaches rumors for Gary Andersen's staff begin as it looks like the Badgers head coach rumors can end. The first and biggest rumor/ concern has to be who is the offensive coordinator as Utah State has run a spread attack and Barry Alvarez has made it clear he would like to/ mandate to stick with a pro style offense. Matt Wells despite running a spread option will be brought from Utah State to be the offensive coordinator, he will then be paired with a solid tactitian of a pro style offense. We can't be sure but our guess is that tactitian is Thomas Hammock the Badgers running backs coach who hasn't accepted a position elsewhere and is a rising star in the profession with Midwest ties. Hammock will get the title of associate head coach and recruiting coordinator as well. As insight Wells apparently was offered the NC State job that was given to Canada but he turned it down, our guess with the knowledge he was moving to Wisconsin. The other thing that could happen is Wells takes the Utah state he'd coaching job and coach Canada comes racing back to Madison.

Next question has to be who will be the defensive coordinator and for this we like the ability of luring back Charlie Partridge with an upgrade in rank even though it looks like it won't happen. Partridge is a coach on the rise and we are surpised he even accepted the Arkansas position as a lateral move as he should have moved up to defensive coordinator somewhere this year. Partridge is a good recruiter that will be able to build on the success he has had at Wisconsin in years past. Partridge would also solidify the defensive line a critical area to have a known commodity as coach. What will likely happen is that Utah State defensive coordinator Dave Arnada will likely become the Badgers defensive coordinator as by all accounts he did a great job there in his first season on the job, is also on the rise as a coach and in fact the rumor is was offered the Cal defensive coordinator job as well as Texas Tech and turned them down.Chad Kauha'aha'a the defensive line coach at Utah is also a person to keep your eye on for defensive line coach or even coordinator in case Arnada isn't coming. Bill Busch is likely coming as well from Utah State as he is currently their Associate head coach/ safeties/ special teams coach and seems to be a packaged deal with Andersen.

The hope is that interim offensive line coach Bart Miller will be made officially the Badgers offensive line coach as no offense to whoever Gary Andersen knows they aren't likely to do the job Miller just did and have the same respect of the players. One position that is going to need to be filled from a new source is wide receiver as that ship has sailed with Azzani, Jovon Bouknight who is currently the Wide Receiver coach at Utah State looks like a great hire to make at this slot. Bouknight was one of 15 semifinalists for the  2005 Biletnikoff Award his senior season. Utah State has had a good receiving corp under Bouknight and this is a great opportunity for Andersen to bring one of his people with him. Another offensive position coach of need will be QB coach and for that we look to an outside hire who is older and has unique experience as the Badgers aren't likely to get Bollinger back and we think Matt Wells the Utah State QB coach/ coordinator will be staying there possibly as head coach.

Running backs coach is potentially an area of need if Hammock leaves or is promoted, in which case we see Faulkner or Brian Calhoun stepping into the running backs role. Tight end coach is also going to be a concern as we don't see this coming from Utah State and Faulkner for sure won't be tight ends coach again, we feel this is a great opportunity to go out and hire an up and comer in the coaching profession.

Going back to the defensive side of the ball the Badgers will be looking for a linebackers coach and for this position we think they are going to the coaching rolodex as we don't like Andersen's guy Clune to make the trip to Madison and the Badgers don't have an option. We look for a young graduate assistant who played in the Big Ten at linebacker and is looking to make a name for themselves. At secondary coach we look for Ben Strickland to make the jump to leading that unit but he is going to have stiff competition from Kendrick Shaver at Utah State, the only question is if this is a role that Bill Busch gets slotted into.

We are also hoping that Ben Herbert the strength and conditioning coach at Wisconsin will be making a very quick turnaround to staying on staff instead of going to Arkansas as this is an important retention target.

Badgers Head Football Coach Gary Andersen

The Wisconsin Badgers head football coach is Gary Andersen if credible sources are correct. Of course until a contract is signed the Badgers head football coach rumors might as well continue, however we can see this is likely the end game. Gary Andersen is currently the head coach at Utah State and what he has in common with other rumored coaches is that his team played well against the Badgers and the program where he is from has a relationship with the Badgers/ Alvarez. Gary Andersen wasn't very much on our radar because like Chris Petersen at Boise State he was seen as an untouchable .

If the Badgers do in fact hire Gary Andersen to be the Badgers football head coach they will have made the biggest coaching hire of any program in 2012 unless Chris Petersen gets lured somewhere. There should be no debate if this goes down on the level of the Badgers program and its ability to attract a head coach because if any of the "major powers" Michigan, OSU, Florida, USC were searching for a head coach this season this guy would be their pick unless they had a Carrol/ Meyer up their sleeves. If you want to be the person who asks is this a bigger hire than Bielema and the answer is a resounding yes unless you potentially count the assistant coaches that Bielema currently has attracted.

Gary Andersen is a defensive minded coach and was the defensive coordinator/ assisstant head coach for the Utah team that went 13-0 in 2008 and upset Alabama in their bowl game. In fact Utah State was the 8th best team in the nation in points against this year, very impressive with the talent that a Utah State can bring in, clearly Andersen and his staff can coach the players up as well as recruit.

Speaking of recruiting Gary Andersen is a known commodity as a recruiter, he is credited with doing a phenominal job at bring blue chip prospects to Utah when he was there as a defensive coordinator/ head coach. Andersen primarily has contacts in California and on the West Coast which is an avenue the Badgers have explored more recently. While this does seem like a bit of a poor match for the Badgers a known recruiter is usually good in any market they opperate and Andersen seems like he has a personallity that can fit in the Midwest. One of the biggest questions is if Andersen can balance his staff so that he has some good known recruiters on staff for the Midwest, East Coast and Florida.

What you really have to like about Gary Andersen is that like Barry Alvarez he took over a program that was horrible at age 44 and then had a plan that turned around a program in 4 years. Sure if you look at stats Utah State is 26-24 in the 4 years with Andersen but they have improved every year to the point where this year they went 12-2, almost beat the Badgers, and won big in their bowl game in 2012. It is this ability to formulate a plan and execute in short order that has put Andersen on top of the Badgers list just like it would have for every school in the country.  

The questions that has to be out there with Gary Andersen is who will the offesnive coordinator be because Gary Andersen has more of a spread formation background than the pro style offensive that Barry would like to be kept as a hallmark of Badger football. In fact of course Gary's background includes working with Urban Meyer and hearing his gospel on the spread/ option offense. We like Matt Canada to be lured back from NC State with an offer to be Assisstant Head Coach/ Offensive Coordinator/ big pay raise as it was impressive how much he was able to learn from his mistakes and improve the offense this season as the year wore on. Matt Canada expressed a desire to be a Badger coach for the long term and is a midwestern guy that would be great to bring back.  

Someday there might be some Badger fans that dig this artical up and tell you we told you so when Gary Andersen doesn't work out, but right now we are here to tell you that if this is the hire then Barry Alvarez hit a Grand Slam homerun that has the rest of the athletic directors in the country shaking their heads.

Badgers Head Coach Rumor Mike Riley

A new big time Badgers head coach rumor has emerged as Mike Riley. This seems like an interesting rumor for sure in that he has something with his head coaching experience in the NFL and has been a star sort of coach in the past with the exception of coaching Oregon State partially because he is from Corvalis. We all know that Oregon State beat the Badgers this year and there is absolutely no doubt that Barry is very familiar with Mike Riley. Riley also comes with the offensive pedigree that we think that Barry covets while also having a defensive background, we really think this is the gold combination he is looking for.

We don't know what to think of this rumor because there are a ton of great things about Mike Riley, he got offered the USC job because he truly is a top notch game changing coach at the college level. The one thing we worry about is that he doesn't probably have the midwest connections on the recruiting trail, has he been keeping a list of who he would bring to Madison. We believe Barry ideally would like to go with someone younger but Mike does probably have 8 good years left before a transition could be made to a rising coaching star with Badger blood like Bollinger or Rudolph.

The one thing that we think actually makes this deal work out is that the Badgers have a very young stud offensive line coach Riley can retain and be set with the heart of the team and be left to work magic with the rest of the offense. The other item is it sounds like Canada would like to stay so the two of them potentially working together might be pretty potent. The other item is if potentially he kept Charlie Partridge as defensive coordinator that would help as Charlie is a solid recruiter and has done a good job with the defense, Partridge seems to be a better coach than Ash as it is.

Could this Badgers coaching rumor be true would Mike Riley leave Oregon State again, we think yes because if you look at his history he is a go getter with an itch to prove himself. Our guess is he is about ready for another excursion from Oregon State. Mike Riley wasn't on our radar but this is very intriguing and we are guessing would make a very big splash in the college football scene as a redemption moment for loosing Bielema.

Badgers Football Head Coach Matt Campbell

The Wisconsin Badgers football head coach will be Matt Campbell following Toledo playing in their bowl game, you heard it here first. While Matt Campbell is a Badgers coaching rumor at this point this is currently what we are expecting to be the Badger rumor that actually becomes true. The 32 year Campbell is in his first year at Toledo after being offensive coordinator and line coach in prior seasons. Matt Campbell played college football at Mount Union and became the youngest offensive coordinator in the nation at age 24 where his offensive squads put up video game numbers. Prior to Mount Union he was a GA at Bowling Green where he had a good opportunity to learn under some bright offensive minds.

We have a strong belief in this rumor becoming true as Campbell is clearly a rising star in the coaching ranks which is what we feel Barry is looking for. If you remember Barry started the trend of hiring very young head coaches at a major university when he hired Bielema. In addition while Barry is from a defensive background and probably picked Bielema on his defense driven nature we believe he has come to value offensive genius being required in the college game to compete at the very highest levels. Just look around the landscape of college football you don't find many successful coaches with defensive backgrounds. The trick we haven't told you is not only is Campbell an offensive coach in fact he was a defensive star in his playing days so he has a good understanding of the full game.

Campbell being a young coach with a history of coaching lineman should help recruiting for the Badgers at a very important position. In addition his Ohio connections will be of value to the Badgers on the recruiting trail. More to come but memorize the name Matt Campbell because you will be hearing it more and more.

The final piece to the Matt Campbell Wisconsin puzzle is he has a great network of coaches he was associated with from his time at Bowling Green such as Azzani the Badgers current Wide Receiver coach. We feel it is the hidden aspect of a network he can hire from that gives a big edge to Campbell. Matt Campbell has run both as pro offense as an offensive coordinator as well as a modified pro using some of Bowling Green's spread formation trickery. Barry Alvarez has also always had a little bit of an appreciation for the big number Bowling Green put up on his team one year and the power of those dynamic plays.

On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Badgers Football Coaches Pay - Competitive

In Bret Bielema's quest to give a decent reason for leaving Wisconsin he has thrown the Badgers under the bus saying that the resources weren't there to pay coaches competitive salaries. This in fact is a load of ... as Mr. Chryst was at the top of his profession for pay during his tenure as offensive coordinator.

Even after this season when the Badgers had a large turnover in assistants their combined pay added up to around 21st in the NCAA. That is a real high number when you consider that Bielema likes to hire upwardly mobile assistants which means that most were being promoted and don't have as much service time in the profession as other places equally less pay. Bielema indicated he had three coaches get offers after the Nebraska game for substantial raises from other schools and he said he couldn't compete on pay. Don't let Bret fool you he didn't say if they were going to be getting a promotion to obtain that pay as they likely were. Also remember Bielema hired inexperienced coaches with a low starting point, it isn't like the Badgers have never raised the pay of an assisstant worthy of merit.

Bielema complains he can't retain coaches but then he purposely likes to hire the best young upwardly mobile college coaches. If he couldn't compete at Wisconsin how on earth did he hang onto Doeren for as long as he did with everyone knowing he was college footballs elite rising stars in the coaching profession. How has Bret been able to hang on to Hammock for more than one year as he clearly has a future bigger than what he is at. How did Bret manage to hire Azzani last year to coach the wide receivers when everybody had him pegged as a rising star in the coaching ranks. How did he manage to hang onto Ash with Doeren not around as a friend?

If Bret Bielema has one complaint it might be that Barry didn't let him go out and find the best offensive coordinator he could find, because we will agree that Canada seems like a fiscally conservative move. The fact is though maybe just didn't like the guy they were going to get that much more for the big money and there just wasn't an offensive coordinator on the market last year with enough upside to justify the salary.

Make no mistake about it the staff that is hired at Wisconsin for 2013 by the coach Barry hires will have more than enough resources to compete. Bret Bielema has been ripped apart for his national championship argument and he should be equally ripped for his coaching pay argument. If you have one more question the answer is yes if Bielema asked Barry for 3.4 million he would have gotten the money if necessary.

Badgers Coaching Rumors: NFL List

There are many Badgers coaching rumors because despite the fact that we all know Barry Alvarez had a list ready to go before Bielema left, none of us actually have a clue who is on it. For those of you who aren't Badger fans you should know that Barry just likes to be prepared and has always had that list in case his head coach gets hit by a bus or something tomorrow. The list is the reason why to quote Barry I don't use search services they use me.

So the question is what are the realistic Badgers coaching rumors that involve NFL coaches because we have heard some good ones.

Darrell Bevell - Seattle Seahawks Offensive coordinator won a Rose Bowl at QB for the Badgers under Barry. Take him out of consideration he could have been on your list when Bielema was hired and Barry didn't go that route, he won't go that route now. Bevell isn't a college coach.

Brad Childress - Former Vikings head coach and former Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator under Barry Alvarez. You can cross this one off the list, he is about as inspiring for young men as your calculus professor.

Mike Holmgren - Won a Super Bowl with the Packers likes the idea of the front office as well, so he could take over Barry when he decides to hang up the AD job. Not a chance in the world, he is even more fleet footed than Bielema.

Pete Carroll - Seatle Seahawks coach and former USC coach. Very, very small possibility as he would be an explanation point hire and he has been known to get burnout from the NFL. Honestly this is like a 1% chance though especially with the shape he left USC in.

Steve Mariucci - Former Packers QB coach and former 49ers coach. Is a likable guy who players would love but has proven he probably isn't a good enough coach or focused enough.

Tony Dungy - No it will never happen despite your crazy dreams, if he wanted to go to college football the Gophers would back the money truck up rename the stadium and any other wild and crazy thing they could come up with.

Mel Tucker - Currently with the Jaguars, is a rising star in coaching and played for Barry. He doesn't have head coaching experience like Barry is looking for and made a decision to go down the NFL route.

Mike Sherman - Former Packers and Texas A & M coach. Might actually be a good hire in a caretaker role as he did help recruit the first freshman to win a Heisman and nobody has ever said anything negative in his approach to coaching the college game. It just won't happen at Wisconsin as the spotlight on him would be far to intense.

So there you have it those are the Badgers coaching rumors that we currently know of and as you can see we don't think the Badgers next football coach will be from the NFL.

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